Minimote $19.99 plus free shipping at Memorial Day sale 2016

#1 has a memorial day free shipping offer, as I mentioned in another topic. They also have several popular items on sale, including the minimote for $19.99

This is a reputable retailer that sells many Z wave items. Check their return policy before buying – – it’s OK, but not the greatest. But they’re very good at replacing defective items. If you know what you want, this is a good place to shop. Prices on their own site are generally lower than their own prices when bought through Amazon, but there’s usually a shipping fee on small orders. That’s been waived for US shipping for the memorial day weekend.

(Chris) #2

They are selling the same thing right now on Amazon with free Prime shipping as well.

(Kevin) #3

it’s been this price for a few weeks I think. hem is same. they have been in my cart waiting for me to buy