Miniature tilt sensor?

I’d like to find out what’s the smallest tilt sensor one can find? I noticed in my household we often left stove/oven turned on and forgot about it. I was thinking if there’s a tilt sensor small enough we could attach it to the turn knob to sense if things are on/off.

I have been using the smattthings multisensor as a tilt sensor for the garage and it works very well, but of course that’s too big for a turn knob…

don’t mess with the thermocouple. The signal level is low, the wires are fine (tiny), and both are easily damaged. You could make it go to 100% heat and overheat the oven.

A regular Zwave temperature sensor on the glass, or any part that gets warm, should indicate if the thing is still producing heat after a suitable delay, when it’s expected to be room temp.