Mimolite sig1 has ~2.8V across it always?

Hi I just got a mimolite and am in the process of integrating it into my intercom, I have the relay remotely opening the lock on the buildings front door and I was hoping to now use SIG1 to determine when the doorbell was pressed.

I was hoping to do this by wiring the status LED into SIG1 (it only turns on when the doorbell is pressed, i.e 0V->2V).
Am I missing something? I thought that SIG1 would measure 0V when nothing is connected, A multimeter and the mimolite itself are reporting 2.8V when nothing is connected. Is this right?

thanks al

I don’t remember much about setting up my mimolite a long time ago but I do remember I was trying to do something unusual and their support email response was very fast and detailed. They also offered me a couple of alternate methods to achieve what I was after. If you don’t get an answer here maybe they can help.

thanks, I will ping them an email. I think I misunderstand how the SIG1 terminals are supposed to work.

Edit: Didn’t email them worked it out myself. Will post a full how to at some point with device handler and solder points etc for a siedle intercom system.