MimoLite for Safety Interlock for EMI chamber and Thermal cam system

Hi Everyone,

I have a project i am working on to upgrade a safety circuit with some smarts. All of the posts for the mimolite i am seeing are kinda old (and kinda not working the way i was hoping). I have including a drawing of the circuit for fun. Basic idea is to use the Mimolite as a sensor (input) and a controlled relay.

For the sensor i don’t care if i get actually readout of voltage or if its just present or not. currently i am using a handler that does give me that option (kinda nice). As you can see from the drawing the mimolite sensor gets a 12v signal from a thermal cam controller (DIO). If the system is healthy then the 12v signal is applied, then the sensor should flip the relay. IF the 12v is gone then leave relay open. I would also like to use the APP to remote shut it down. So basically use my phone control the relay. So for that reason i can have the Mimolite do any of that automagiclly. I need Webcore to help and make rules and monitor so i can push SMS alerts to those who need to know.

So far i can find handlers that almost work for this. Like i said above the handle i am currently using almost works but the app does not seem to be able to control the switch. Every time i hit the switch i just get this in the live logging:

debug Parse returned MimoLite 1 switch is off 2503

  • debug switchBinaryReport SwitchBinaryReport(value: 0)*
  • debug Parse returned MimoLite 1 voltage is 12.6 v 3105*
  • debug sent a SensorMultilevelReport*

Any help would be great. Many thanks from a Newb!


I’d be cautious about using smartthings for anything safety related. It is not local and therefore not 100% reliable. Safety equipment can’t fail without having a backup. And if you’re going to have a backup you’ll have to debug too, then why bother having ST at all. Just a personal opinion but you might want to use something a little more purpose built, especially when safety is involved.

Thanks Ryan i appreciate your concern. Traditional methods are also being used. This is almost like a pre-action system that allows me to send notifications and in the less then 1% chance i am not near the real panel be able to shut it down via my phone. If you look above none of these ST items are really in direct path. But i can appreciate where you are coming from.

Now having said that, got any ideas on what i am doing wrong with the switch control. I feel like i am narrowing in on the configure portion of the script… I am investigating if the presents of voltage automagicly flips the relay.