Mimolite for garage door and magnetic door contact


That’s BS crap ST’s fed you, sorry. The Classic app works just as good, if not better in my opinion. In fact, I removed the new app. I highly recommend going back to Classic.

Yes, go back to using the Classic app. I’ve not updated that DTH for the new app, and probably won’t for a while. I’ve switched over from a Mimolite to Linear’s opener.

In all honesty, unless your hub died or something I wonder if your issues were related to the latest firmware release and the numerous issues that has caused (and is causing). I bet it was.


I was on the phone with ST for nearly 2 hours. Most of that time fighting with them regarding the fact that my problem was not a stupid comcast ACL blocking ST from phoning home. I also could prove the 24.11 had hit (via Groovy), but of course they “don’t have access to that tool”. I “had” to do a full reset, and “had” to move ahead. They blamed the whole thing originally on the migration to “Samsung” even though my account migrations went fine months ago (while still on classic).

I work for a large tech firm and have fully adopted the “fail forward” mindset, and I don’t want to roll back to Classic knowing that at some point I’m going to have to go thru this all again.

It seems fair to say that at this point my choices include, using Mimolite native (just as a momentary switch and roll back to separate tilt sensor) or buying a newer device that is supported in the new ecosystem like Iris.



The point is that you can use both apps, and ST should have never ever told you that BS. There’s no rolling forward to fix problems. Even If they told you to start using the new app - which they won’t because they are telling people to stay with Classic (including me) - you don’t have to do anything with the hub except tweak custom DTH’s. No resetting or rebuilding your environment is required.

If you’re waiting for ST to have a strategy for their UI and how they’ll move people over, you’ll be waiting for a long time.

Again, I feel bad for what they told you because it was not right and they were lazy in trying to really help you out.


I never even thought to test the classic app. In the past (while using classic) when I tried the new app I couldn’t see or add my hub. I made an assumption based upon that and my experience on the phone w/ support that I couldn’t go back.

I just logged into classic, opened the door (validated with some cool/cheap Wyze cameras) that my door works fine now. Thanks!!!


You bet, anytime!