MIMOlite as a ceiling fan controller?

I considering putting a MIMOlite in a relay to provide power to a ceiling fan. I haven’t used MIMOlite’s before. I know they are used by a lot of people as Garage Door openers… can they used as on/off instead of momentary on? And can the relay handle normal house current?

EDIT: Also, can the relay run off normal house current or are you required to used the power adapter?

@chrisb the MIMOlite’s relay can’t handle house hold current, You would have to drive a high current relay. It can be configured to momentary close or latch the output relay. It requires a supply voltage of 9-24 VDC 300mA.

Get yourself a Aeon micro switch.

Thx @Mike_Maxwell. I’ll give that a try.

Anyone know if these can be paired with Intermatic remotes?