MIMO2+ for 2 garage Doors

I have a MIMO2+ that I’d like to control my 2 garage doors. I understand that there are 2 relays (configured normally open) that can be used to momentarily close or “touch wires” resulting in the corresponding door toggling state (open/close).
There are also 2 signal inputs that I can connect wired open/close contacts to in order to determine state of the door.
I got the MIMO2+ included in ST using the devicehandler and SmartApp from the Fortrezz github and have tweaked the Icons and labels to make it look a little better.
My question is…
It appears that I can use the button in the smartapp to control the doors but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to interface/communicate (for automation purposes) with each of the 4 devices (2 contacts, 2 relays within the MIMO2+) individually and was wondering if there is a better device handler/SmartApp that will provide better capabilities/user experience?
Thanks in advance!