MiLocks deadbolt

Hello everyone! I got a couple questions. I think I know the answers to them, but I’m just confirming.

I’ve been looking for a connected deadbolt with an antique brass finish that will work with SmartThings. The only antique brass connected one I can find is by MiLocks, but unfortunately it uses Insteon.

Are there any connected antique brass deadbolts? (I don’t think so, and I’ve checked all the manufacturers’ websites I could find.)

Will SmartThings ever support Insteon? (I also don’t think so.)


Insteon uses their own proprietary frequency. They would have to officially work together with smartthings to create an integration, which seems unlikely on both parts.

Schlage does offer some of their zwave locks in “aged bronze,” but you probably looked at those.

Or you could try one of the retrofit models like the Danalock, although that one particular doesn’t get very good reviews. With these models, you use the existing hardware on the outside and then the Z wave piece goes on the inside.

Kwikset has a new zwave plus retrofit model coming out in 2017 which might be worth looking at.

But of course the retrofits don’t give you a keypad if you wanted that.

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