Migration to V2 - Hurdles and Best Practices

So it looks like my hub 2 is on its way (says shipment status: ready) is there a certain way or order we should remove stuff from our old hub to go to the new hub?

You can edit virtual devices from the “Device List”. By changing “Location” and “Hub”, a copy of your virtual device will appear in another hub (which is also another location).

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Presumably only possible if the Virtual Device Instances are not in use by any installed SmartApps, right?

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This is downright painful for someone like me who has 90+things, integration with various vendors, etc. since I won’t be taking advantage of video streaming until RTSP is released to community and I have a standby generator for my house, the two biggest reasons to upgrade aren’t as critical to me. With many people starting to migrate, the cloud should perform better and become more stable. For once, I will be patient, let all the bugs and kinks get worked out and for ST to release a migration tool…


PM me buddy! Here’s an offer for v2. 45$. :wink:


In a comment on the SmartThings Blog, CEO @Alex writes that it took himself 3 hours for 200 devices and “was nice”. Really?

That’s incredibly fast, but he is an expert in the product, I presume.

Alex Hawkinson to Teeter Von Schnauzen
2 days ago
We feel your pain on that one. I went through the migration with 200+ devices in my own home. It took about 3 hours and was nice to have a fresh setup once I got into a rhythm with it, but we know it would be better to have as much of the device migration as possible be automated. We plan to have a migration tool by the end of the year. In the meantime you can use the new app fully as the only things missing without the V2 Hub will be offline functions and video support.

Anyone else have such a relatively reasonable migration time for a similarly large home? I have 60 devices, so I should expect to be done in well under an hour, right (200 per 3 hours = 66 devices per hour).

If experiences like that of the CEO are common with the ST staff, then I’m not surprised that there is no migration tool, as they can’t be genuinely empathetic to the real effort required…


I can totally see that. Exclude/ include, no apps to migrate.

So you’re inferring that the CEO of SmartThings, @Alex, had and has no SmartApps installed, despite having 200+ Devices? In other words, zero “smarts” (automations, alerts) in his mega smart home?!? That’s unlikely, don’t you think?

“200+ devices…”

I want to see the video.


Well, let’s face it, I am willing to bet it was 3 hours. But it wasn’t Alex alone doing the work.

How many people hours did it take?

With 10 people, I could easily see 200 devices and smartapps migrated in 3 hours. :smile:


I don’t believe this for a second. I migrated 120 devices and all of their smart apps from one hub to another, and it took a full day to do it. And, I knew what I was doing also. Every motion sensor has to be taken down, opened, reset, included into the new hub, and then put back up wherever it was mounted. That is not a quick process, and no amount of familiarity with the system can speed it up. Likewise with z-wave devices. I have buried Aeon microswitches, buried in electrical boxes. Got to open the box, obtain access to the Aeon device, exclude it; come back later and include it, restore the box, etc. etc.

200 devices in 3 hours is not credible.


I have over 180 devices (only a handful are virtual), and I recently had the need to move all of them. I can tell you that it took me way longer than 3 hours.

My wall switches (all GE but 1) were super easy to exclude and reinclude back to the hub without having to drag the hub around. I never moved it from its location, and I only had to tap the switch once and waited a few seconds for the hub to find it. I started with switches closest to the hub and moved outwards from the hub to to opposite side of the house, even under the house and in the attic. I had zero problems adding back over 75 GE switches, outlets, and fan controllers.

I also have a ton of Ecolink zwave door/window sensors that were moved. As with my GE switches, they were relatively easy to exclude and reinclude. Some caused me to yell four letter words at them while trying to reinclude, but they all got added back without having to drag the hub around.

I also had a handful of Everspring contact sensors and motion sensors, and Utilitech devices, First Alert smokes, and Philio devices, all added back easily without having to drag the hub around.

I also have a good number of zigbee sensors - PEQ/ST motion sensors, leak sensors, and humidity sensors. Guess what? I added them all back without having to drag the hub around.

The ONLY device I had where I needed to drag the hub within a foot or so of the device was my Vizia RF VRCS2-MRZ Z-Wave 2-Button Scene/Load Controller. That PITA would not pair without the hub right next to it, and it was a PITA to pair as well.

So, 3 hours? No way, how about more like 3++ hours every day for a week, and then time for SmartApps.

If I had to do it over again, I would add back any repeaters first, then sensors next, then switches starting closest to the hub and working out. Switches are dependent on sensors to help with automation. If sensors are there first you’ll save yourself a ton of time setting up switches and automation, instead of having to go back and redo stuff after sensors get added. Trust me on this one. That was a huge lesson learned early in the process.


So 200 devices in 3hrs. Lets do the math thats 1.11 device per minute. He must run super fast to cover that much ground excluding and including devices yet alone deleting, adding, configuring, smart apps, and everything else. Maybe he can do house calls for us. :smiley:


Once you get the status update of shipped, start excluding the devices… Buy a six pack or something stronger… Lock down the house and simply get to it… Or may be a few days off… :wink:


@alex should be added to the Guinness book of world records for being the fastest tearing down the ST world in his home and putting it back in 3 hrs! :slight_smile: I am sure with a migration tool beta may be??? :slight_smile: it’s always good to be the king.


I can almost assure you of that!

There is a zigbee installer tool which will let you shift to a new controller really quickly. Control4 has a version. But I’m not aware of one that works for SmartThings.

Similarly zwave controller replication let you transfer control to a new controller very quickly. But again that was not possible with V1. And I haven’t heard of it being added for V2.

All of which is to say I don’t disbelieve that it’s possible to move a large mesh network from one controller to another pretty quickly, but I too share doubts that this can be done with SmartThings.

I don’t know of any way to do it with less than five minutes per device. At 200+ devices, that’s 16 hours right there.

@alex is saying he spent about 50 seconds per device? What did he do, hire the Flash?

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No, he misstated the facts, for whatever reason. CEO hype. Sad.

Oops I missed the big :joy: at the end. My comment was meant to be as ludicrous as the 3 hours migration time.

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Anybody else wondering if there’s a social media intern about to be fired? :wink: