Migration to V2 - Hurdles and Best Practices

Yes, you can use the new hub’s general exclude to reset the devices.

I finally got through this whole thread, alot of information.
I think I have a better understanding of what to do now with just a few minor questions.

  1. Do I have to remove all my SmartApps from the IDE after I uninstall them all from my hub or does deleting the Location take care of that (or does deleting the Location on the hub not delete it from the IDE)? Sorry I get confused sometimes between the hub and the IDE :smile:

  2. I have the Github integration setup so everything I need should be “backed up” locally like my SmartApps and custom device types so I should just need to move all of that back over once my Location is deleted (if it’s deleted in my first question), right?

My hub is due in today so I am going to start making a list of all my devices and how to reset/exclude them. Thanks for all the info!

No. You don’t need to remove your personal apps and your custom device types as they will remain.


Similar question. Can we just nuke the v1 location without wasting time removing apps and devices? I’d rather just general exclude + include in one pass on the install of v2. VIP support told me “I could try.” Not the insight I was looking for.

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With the possible exception of the Hue hub, I believe you can. You can do the z-wave excludes from the new hub, and all of the zigbee devices just get reset.


And with the help of support. I don’t think you can remove the location without first deleting everything, or at least I wasn’t able to. I had to get support to do it for me.


Hi Mr_Lucky!

I verified this odd behavior today on an Android device and logged a ticket. It most definitely should be showing up for type:“generic”, and should be showing up for all of them.
I verified that the SECONDARY_CONTROL does indeed show up for types of “generic” and “thermostat” on iOS. So some parity between the two OS’s needs to be seen.
I’ll update again once the bug has been addressed.

Thanks for pointing this behavior out!

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Has anyone had any success migrating or adding additional users to the v2? I ran the migration a while back before the process had really been straightened out so the 2 additional existing user accounts I had defined were unceremoniously dumped when I deleted the Location. I’ve since uninstalled and re-installed the ST IOS app on their iPhones and have re-invited the users. Neither user is able to logon to the new environment. I’ve had a support ticket open for a little over a week and the last I’ve been told is that user invitations are not working with no ETA.

This is killing the perception of ST in my house. I’m the only one that can use the application and the other two are getting frustrated. Has anyone else run into any problems like this?

There have been multiple topics discussing this issue in the Mobile App section of the forum. It’s happening to a lot of people. :cold_sweat:

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Im set to start transferring my devices to the new hub, my understanding is Smart things states you have to remove them from your old hub one by one and then add to the new hub one by one. I read a very interesting review on Amazon where a user simply created a new location and transferred the devises over via the app.

Has anyone done this? Does this work?

I just wanted to write in that I just migrated and had around 7 Quirky Trippers and was able to add all of them with zero issues. I popped the cover off, removed the battery, held the little black button while inserting the battery and the hub picked them right up. All went well for me :smile:

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I have two hubs under one location.

Has anyone migrated to the V2 hub but is still running the 1.7.x Android app? Wondering if there are any issues with continuing to use the older app until they get the 2.0 app problems cleared away.

@xcguy, I have one tablet still running 1.7.x now that I’m using hub 2.0. I haven’t run into any issues yet.

One thing I can’t find in app 2.0 is where ST has automatic notifications set up like in the old app. In 1.7.x if you went in to Hello Home and then to create a new action, there was automatic notifications for Low Battery Warnings and Hub Offline Warning at the bottom of that screen. In app 2.0 I have no idea where that is. Luckily I was able to use the old app to set back up notifications.

I don’t have many things setup as I was waiting for v2. Can I just start over or do I need to disconnect things.

I couldn’t uninstall Smart Home Monitor, so it was impossible for me to delete each sensor from SmartThings before switching hubs.

What I did was just delete the entire location instead, then just needed to reset each Zigbee device to reconnect those. For Z-Wave, obviously I had to go to the utilities menu, perform a device exclusion, and then reconnect those.

Got my V2 Hub up this morning, took a lot of hub and app reboots to finally get it to go Active…WHAT A MESS…Now, nothing will connect to the hub, z-wave, zibee, NOTHING…Very Frustrating…Sent an email to support, but this has been a total disaster…Can’t even hook the V1 Hub back up, your welcome code is deleted. ARGH…Anyone in the community have any ideas, or is just a bad hub.

this is the most insane removal transfer of devices to another hub i have ever seen. there is no way the average user will be able to do this. i have a new hub and i refuse to switch one over in this manner. I’m returning it. this is crazy.

and i only have about 15 devices if i had over 25 the upgrade headache is not even worth it. i had no idea when starting on this system that its would be a pain in the ass to remove devices. good luck people with this shitty product.this only confirms my idea that this stuff is more tinker toys rather than something with a average level of usability. enjoy this while it lasts samsung, i am sure when apple launches its full line of home kit stuff like all other samsung products you will be far behind because of consistent failures in ALL your products in the most important reason.

USABLITY! go pay some ex-apple employee 2mill/yr and lock them in a room to fix everything you make.

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Good luck with that. The grass is always greener somewhere else, especially in the Apple Mind Warp Field.


This is what I am seeing on the IDE…

appengineConnected: false
appengineEnabled: false
appengineVersion: 1.0.14
backupVersion: 0.0.0
batteryInUse: false
bootloaderVersion: 0
hardwareID: 000D
localSrvPortTCP: 39500
localSrvPortUDP: 0
macAddress: D0:52:A8:44:B2:3D
videocoreVersion: 0.7.2
zigbeeChannel: 11
zigbeeEui: D052A844B3CA0001
zigbeeFirmware: 2.0.31
zigbeeNodeID: FFFE
zigbeePanID: FFFF
zigbeePowerLevel: 3
zwaveControllerStatus: 21
zwaveHomeID: C8584C27
zwaveNodeID: 01
zwavePowerLevel: 0
zwaveRegion: 0
zwaveSerialVersion: 0
zwaveSucID: 01
zwaveVersion: 0000