Migration to SmartThings Link

Is there an easy way to migrate from the SmartThings Hub to the Link? For $15 I figured it was worth the try but now I’m looking at what seems a complete rebuild on the Link of everything I have on the Hub. Re-thinking if it’s worth the trip.

nope. no migration tool.

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Unfortunately, no. In 2015, they told us they were working on a migration tool from one hub to another, but by late 2016 they told us that the migration tool project had been Deprioritized and there was no expected timeline for it. That applies to migration between any of the various hub devices: smartthings hub V1, smart things hub V2, the Nvidia shield link, the Samsung connect router, and the new ADT smartthings security panel. You just have to start from scratch going in any direction with any of those. Or even from one V2 hub to another if you have any equipment failure. :disappointed_relieved:


Thanks for the quick replies. I thought this to be the case based upon my search but hoped it wasn’t true. I knee jerk picked up the Link thinking there might be some benefit but it seems like it’s actually more hassle. On the shelf it goes!

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