Migration of Home did not complete! message - no resolution or information offered

Hi there,

Has anyone experienced the issue where migration fails, and nothing can be done to either understand what went wrong so to fix it manually?
There is a “See migration issues in Classic” button here that did absolutely nothing. You don’t really know what’s wrong, if anything, you can’t attempt a migration again either. How to know more?


are you in europe? do you use ST’s smart locks smartapp? or Smart Home Monitor?

Yes, in UK to be precise, I was using SHM before migrating, it was disengaged as required before migrating, now moved to STHM with the new app through the migration correct :slight_smile:

were you using smart lock smartapp? the smart lock guest access in the new app is not available outside US so that could be the cause of one migration error

Did not have that app, it was never available the few times I checked, not too sure that’s linked with the advertisement by both Yale and ST of managing the Yale Connected lock, which I never managed to be able to do, despite my curiosity there!

OK, you may hate me for saying this but contact ST support and let them investigate the issue.

You can manually migrate stuff over but you may not like that idea also

I am full of bad ideas

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Looks like a good advice to me, really, having not used the forums much, can’t say whether support can look into this here, and quite frankly, the fastest this is resolved, the quicker you stop getting sworn at…well, the step of moving from ST having the pleasure to myself being the target is a quick fast one right behind the corner :roll_eyes:

There are hints as to the problems in the IDE. Go to My Locations -> Home-> Installed apps and pick your routine from hello home or pick Smart Home Monitor. Inside there is a place for migration issues. See image.

Thank you, great input! Attempting to skim through all, though, only the smart apps under “Hello Home” are showing that field and reporting no issue. Many other smart apps have no migration status or error unfortunately.

To be fair, the tagging on the end was a good idea.

In the UK requests for support via the app achieve nothing and although the e-mail address gets you a ticket number the response time is currently in excess of four weeks per message (and counting).


Smart Home Monitor and Hello Home are the only SmartApps being migrated (well Smart Lock is too, but not in the UK).

How would we explain the error message did appear, while none of the apps have errors?

Still waiting over 3 weeks for a response from UK support, they should be required to stop using the name “support”. And what about the users who lately took the plunge and now have borked systems? They need a reply today. This was all foreseen months ago, yet everything that could be done to make the migration go worse has happened, we said 6 months ago UK support was an embarrassment.

I had a first response in 12 days combining two tickets - one reporting an undetected but long since resolved system problem, and the other trying to get my hub firmware updated. I replied in minutes saying only the firmware was now an issue. After a further 24 days I had a message apologising for the delay but demanding I respond in 3 days to keep my ticket open. That was 5 days ago. The irony is that they use the COVID excuse but this is lightning quick response compared to two years ago.

I know this is all off-topic for this thread, but I don’t think it is well understood in the community, or indeed by ST staff, that a lot of the world only has the community to fall back on.

My migration failed last night immediately after running for the 1st time. No summary or any indication on IDE. I’ve got a ticket with SmartThings as the level 1 guy couldn’t help me. He originally showed on his end that everything migrated successfully. But I explained to him that I have ZERO automations and no added scenes in new app. Tried reinstalled old classic app. No help. IDE doesn’t show ANYTHING regarding migration. Very strange. I’m sure it’s something custom or that I’ve added that is causing an issue. 1 day and I’m dead in the water. What should I do before the classic app is sunset? Should I disable/delete Smart Home Monitor?

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