Migration mess

Just bit the bullet and Migrated, what a mess, aeon multi sensor that triggered my kitchen lights on off has stopped working, Alexa … don’t even go there with that, i deleted the old alexa integration and linked the new integration, also a disastrous mess, i have multiple copies of devices, no voice commands work, i could go on and on but man it is a mess, even my Samsung Tv now no longer switches on and off properly with Alexa…


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Disable the duplicates in the Alexa app. They won’t get re-enabled if you try to discover new devices. I know it take time if you have many devices, but it works well to get everything back to normal.

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FYI you only referred to duplicate devices in Alexa, but I also had to manually-delete old ROUTINEs (not scenes) from the Smarthings-classic-phone-app, which were obsolete-duplicate-names of SCENEs in the new-phone-app, and both were present in Alexa, and were rediscovered until the routines were deleted. Then Alexa-discovery was clean.

I also have been reluctant to migrate (now done), or delete the classic app. I wonder if I had deleted it, then are the routines still present? Then IDE or ST-support may be needed to delete the old stuff.

What breaks when the classic app gets force-deleted ? That might be a rage-quit day.