Migrating from Simply Automated to ST

I liked Simply Automated UPB devices and the ability to repurpose switches. Is there anyway to do that with ST? For instance I have two light switches (S1 & S2) that turn on two different exterior lights on our courtyard (L1 & L2), I want to use S1 to turn both L1 & L2 on and off and I want S2 to no longer turn L2 on or off but rather use it for a scene inside the home. I was able to do this type of macgyvering with Simply Automated in our last house but seems with ST this is not possible? And S2 will always Control L2?

It’s certainly possible with SmartThings depending on the exact wiring and the specific devices you select. Whether it’s to code or not depends on exactly where you live.

@JDRoberts which devices? What does my wiring need? Thanks!!