Migrating back to old app?

Question for you guys. I have been a long time ST user with a v1 hub but I have not done much with it over the last few years. I wanted to get back into it so I picked up a v2 hub a while back when it was on sale and just got around to migrating to the new hub. I figured I may as well try out the new app as what I read it looked like it did what I needed. So to be safe I deregistered all of my old devices from hub v1 on one email account and moved them to the new hub v2 on a new samsung account I setup with a different email address of mine. I sorta missed one big caveat of the new app in that it does not support smartapps besides what it comes with. Unfortunately I need custom smartapp support so I need to migrate back. So my question is what does it take to move back to the old app?

I installed the old app on my phone again and logged in with the new samsung account and I can see the new v2 hub and devices but I can only see some of the smartapps I setup under the new app. Is it as simple as deleting everything in the new app besides the hub and devices themselves and build up my rooms, scenes and automation in the old app or do I have to unregister all of the devices from the hub and delete it and start from scratch in the old app?


You can use both apps if you want. You don’t need to remove any devices or anything. Any automations you set up in STSC will continue to operate and you can keep them. As you found out, custom automations you set up in the STSC app will not show in the Classic app. You can simply set up the new automations/smartapps in the Classic app and enjoy both apps. If you have a Samsung TV or appliances… you will need the new app.


thank you for the information!

It depends on which automations you setup in the new app. Ones created with the custom automation creator or Smart Home Monitor don’t show in classic. But smart lighting, scenes, or anything on the Reccomended list when adding an automation should sync between the two apps.

I would like also to go back to old app, when I did log in, app was showing not hub, when try to add, gave a message that reads, your code is invalid. That code is the same I used to setup with new app.
Thank you in advance.

Change your location in the ST app. Most likely there are two and you are on the empty one.

To get rid of the extra and empty location, go to #2 in the following post.

If, by chance, you have two locations with devices and Smartapps in separate locations, that is a different situation.

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I did, but I end up erasing everything.
My question now is, should I add everything back on old app first or new one.in order to use both.

It shouldn’t matter unless you have multiple Hubs (only the New App lets you select a Hub when adding a device).

If you have any difficulty adding a Device in New App, then try Classic and vice versa. If you have multiple Hubs, I recommend unplugging the Hub you are not joining to.