[Migrated to Custom Capabilities] Rooms Manager: Smarter Rooms: Personalized rules based home automation with rooms Occupancy sensing from devices you already have in your home

Odd. I did through graphapi / ide with github and that was the version it updated from repo

I looked in St and it is actually V1.0.1.

one live log then go to the rooms manager app and click next then done. any error in the logs?

10:32:19 PM: debug getChildDevices(true), children=0

10:32:19 PM: warn DEPRECATION: You no longer need to call ‘unsubscribe’ within the ‘uninstalled’ method.

The other error did show up but ill look after a few days.

how many rooms do you have setup? why is that reporting 0?

  1. I do not know why it is reporting 0.

ok. are you still seeing the other error?

some of you may have been seen my mini rant over in another thread on why automations in the new app are so limited. so that needed a solution. hate doing one offs. so ported WATO … something i had coded for the HE platform last year. solved my presence sensor problem but is capable of doing much more than just that:

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I haven’t seen issues but I also paused a lot of my pistons.

ok. the pistons shouldn’t be causing any issues with this app though.