Migrate a Webcore Automation to Routines (observe power use rise and fall, then notify)

I use essentially the same Webcore automation to tell me when my coffee is done brewing or when my 3D printer is done printing. Essentially, it looks for a spike in the power consumed for a certain period of time, then waits for the power to fall below a certain level for a period of time to say it is done. The coffee piston is:


How do I do this in routines?

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You probably need 2 routines. An example is my wash is done routines.


I use a single off only routine to achieve similar:

This would be great if I had a way to say the coffee pot is on. Since it is dumb, the way I tell is that the power meter goes up.

I take it that “Washer Running” is a virtual switch that you turn on/off?

Sorry, yes Washer Running is a virtual switch.

Ah yes, missed that sorry - I use smart plugs…

One more question. The Webcore Routine has a delay before it notifies me the coffee is done. This lets it drip a while. How do I insert this delay? It is easy to delay resetting the virtual switch recommended by @TheHundredthIdiot, but I cannot put a delay on the drop in power (stays below 2W for 90 seconds) or the notification.