Microsoft Teams Presence Integration

WFH suggestion, addresses Office Gopher-Check syndrome (office door opens quietly, wife/kid’s head pops in, sees I’m wearing headset, head disappears, door closes quietly).

Target experience: add Microsoft Teams as a service, surface presence state, allow user to trigger automations based on presence. User creates ‘Video Meeting’ scene to adjust lighting, blinds, door locks, and automates scene on presence = Activity InAMeeting / InACall etc. Would use the Teams APIs, but requires admin approval / configuration in the O365 tenant to set Graph permissions correctly (I think).

Potential short-hop: PresenceLight is a project that has completed the O365 OAth and presence API integration - could add ST integration on that side and accomplish the same.


I’ve been using Presencelight via the Hue integration for a few weeks. It works well. I have been curious about using the custom API tab in Presencelight to connect to SmartThings via the API, but I don’t see any way to do authentication.

Someone just added a suggestion on github to integrate with Smartthings - was that you?

Yep - twas me. Same exact experience poking at the PL custom tab - got as far as ‘how do you authenticate’ and stopped. Either side works, although native ST / O365 would be great - ideally this is a cloud / hub service, vs. local app (looked like Isaac was working on a headless solution - but assume it still requires local resource to be running).

Only issue I’ve had with PL: 1) Hue bulbs = 1x selection (currently), so I switched to LIFX (created ‘presence bulb’ group), and 2) regular interruptions on off-calendar Zoom calls. Thinking through this, server-side solution might have issues seeing calendar (needed for those Zoom calls).

Isaac seems to be actively working on PL, so perhaps he will be able to add OAuth support if he has a known target to develop for. It will be useful for more than just SmartThings integration if done right.

I have to say I really appreciate developers that have an idea and come up with a solution that they are willing to put out there.

Thank you!

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Right on - Isaac’s project is open, looking for contributors - I figure there’s a ST OAth ninja over here who could help jumpstart the integration in PresenceLight. Much faster than getting a new ST/O365 service rolling…

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