Micro switches in fixtures: some questions on different configurations

First thank you everybody, this forum has definitely been a huge help in planning and probably saved me a lot of time and money by not going down the wrong road with incompatible devices and set ups.

My original plan was to go with all GE z-wave switches but with my home being built in the 70s I am like many with switch loop wiring and no neutral in the switch box. I have read numerous posts on micro switches and I think I have my situation figured out. But I just wanted to post my questions /assumptions for one last sanity check by some smarter folks before I pull the trigger.

-with the micro switch up in the fixture the original wall switch will still work independently?

-for ceiling fans with lights you need 2 micro switches for each operation understanding there are separate hots for each?

-can the micro switch be dimmable if the wall switch is not?

-in a situation with 3 or 4 way wall switches to one light only one micro switch is needed at the fixture?

-in a situation with 3 or 4 way wall switches that control multiple lights only one micro switch is needed at the fixture where the initial hot/neutral enter?

-the plan is to have all LED bulbs so what are the options for micro switches that work with LEDs, can be dimmable for some of my fixtures and also compatible with Alexa for voice controls?