Mic/Speaker/Megaphone "Thing" and z-wave/zigbee extender?

I have 2 things i’m trying to do.

  1. I’d like a way that I can communicate to someone at the hub location. I’m more concerned with being able to talk via a speaker, but a microphone is an additional plus. Does Bose Soundtouch offer this feature?
  2. This is a bit crazy but it’s been on my mind for a while now. — I have a little (16’*16’ not so little) hunting blind about 200 yards away from the hub. I have solar power/battery/power inverter at the blinds. I’m in the process of using a satellite dish to pick up the wifi signals from the hub area and use a wifi booster to get wifi in the blinds. Id imagine that z-wave and zigbee will also be picked up by the dish, so is there a device that will amplify this signal? Im interested in putting a outdoor motion sensor or possibly camera to track game movement and trespassers.

It is unlikely that the zwave and Zigbee will be picked up by the dish. These require specialized radios to receive with very specific antenna lengths.

Also, Wi-Fi and zigbee overlap in the same band, so if you are boosting Wi-Fi you almost always lose the Zigbee signal.

A motion activated Wi-Fi camera like the Arlo is probably a better bet. It won’t interface directly with SmartThings, but it might give you what you want.

Dish has demoed a home automation option for the hopper, but it uses a standard zwave dongle plugged into the DVR, it’s not using the dish itself.

Holly Crap JD! I have been wondering to myself what I could do to automatically pop my camera feeds up on my tv on events. Looks like dish is already planning this! I’d never switch to dish to be my HA provider but WOW, just wow. My plan is to use some type of hdmi passthrough.

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