MIA: Aqara Push Button

So I bought three of these Aquara Push Buttons and paired them up to SmartThings using this DTH. All was well… but then one day the button sitting on my desk disappeared. The desk is very simple… a table with a single lap drawer. At this point, I can only surmise that the button was pushed off the desk onto the hardwood floors. Either a cat or a robot vacuum has since moved it beyond the area of the desk… never to be seen again.

I have confirmed that it did not fall into the garbage can next to the desk, nor was it in any of our other garbage cans. I actually placed all of our garbage into the main outdoor bin, and then wheeled it far away from the house (well out of zigbee range.) However, ST reported that the button device updated it’s battery status during this time. It’s still reporting every 50 minutes, so I know it’s still somewhere in the house.

This is driving me crazy trying to find a silly $7 device. Besides tearing the house apart looking for it, can anyone suggest a way to narrow down my search?

I expect to be S.O.L., but hey, this is an interesting thought exercise at the least.

I’m thinking there’s probably a $500 device I can purchase to triangulate the signal? :thinking:

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Dissect the :cat2:, j/k, that would bug the heck out me just the same


The WAF would take a hit. :slight_smile:


How far is the room it was originally in from the hub?

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The hub is in the next room. I’d guess that the desk is about 20 to 25 ft from the hub at most.

I finally found it! One of my (wife’s) cats conspired with my smart house… The cat, he knows which one, knocked the button off the desk and onto the floor while I was away. Shortly after, the Roborock S50 robot vaccum ‘acquired’ it during its scheduled cleaning and transported it to the bathroom where it then deposited it underneath the Litter Robot, never to be seen again…unless you count pinging the ST hub every 50 minutes to taunt me.


I just ordered three. We’ll see how they work.