Mi Connector (Xiaomi and Yeelight)


(Gregoiredore) #44

Hi @fison67
Thanks for sharing ! I am trying to use the xiaomi gateway V3 to handle my sensors : lumi.sensor_ht & lumi.magnet
I understand from your GIThub these are not supported (I got them in ST app but with no data readings) : do you plan on publishing new DHs ?

(Ds4213) #45

are you able to have your gateway v3 showing in your ST app along with door sensors?

(Chals) #46

Sorry I have no idea…
I have tested only raspberry pi 3 and synology.

You’re using hassbian? Is it homeassistant?

(Chals) #47

What do you mean?

Gateway + door sensor is showed in one dth?

(Chals) #48

You means that
Virtual devices is created on ST.
And then status is not updating?
lumi.sensor_ht, lumi.magnet

(Gregoiredore) #49

Yes… but finally after rebooting my docker container it worked
Strange things, looks like sensors can be connected throught the X gateway and ST Zigbee at the same time

(Gregoiredore) #50

mi-connector child devices & gateway not working with webcore ?

(Chals) #51

There is no refresh funtion now.
When device is added, it’s just waiting until status changed.

(Chals) #52

Did you add virtual device in webcore smrtapp?

(Gregoiredore) #53

the virtual device is not available in the list of devices in webcore smartapp

(Chals) #54

You select device on here?

Here is my webcore…

(Tiago Gonçalves) #55

Yes, It 's a linux flavour for Homeassistant. Do you think it is a linux flavour or Hardware the Segmentation error?

Thank you

(Chals) #56

I’m not sure.

I’m gonna upload the manual to install without a docker asap.

It’s not ready yet.

(Gregoiredore) #57

Hi @fison67
So, I all started from th beginning after uninstalling everything (smartapp / docker)
On the management screen, I can see my led strip, just as before, and managed to add it to ST

But the device does not list in WebCore (the Yeelight bulb on the picture is an ifttt simulated switch, not a mi connector)

Other issue, my Xiaomi Gateway V3 does not appear when searching in the mi connector management tool either
I hope you can help

(Chals) #58

Mi connector (v.0.0.1) doesn’t show device which fail to get token even if Mi connector find it.

If device is not showed, add device manually on the device list page.
You need an address & token.

That image file is webCoRE webpage?

Or when you install Mi connector first time,
Gateway v3 is showed in the page?
And enabled developer mode?

(Gregoiredore) #59

Yes, at my first try, I had the gateway listed. Now it’s not

(Gregoiredore) #60

Hi there
I registered 3 devices in mi-connector

  • a led strip light : automaticaly detected/added
  • my gateway : had to retrieve the token
  • a yeelight bulb : had to retrieve the token

Only the 2 lights are shown on the “Add device (ST)” menu, not the gateway. I am 100% sure of the token (checked 3 times). Previously, first time I added the gateway, it was added automaticaly by mi-connector. Developper mode is activated on the gateway.

The 2 lights have been added to Smartthings, but:

  • dimmer (brightness) won’t work
  • devices can’t be added to webcore : when I select the devices to be authorized in webcore, mi devices are not listed

Thanks for your help

After updating device handlers, all devices are present in webcore list ! thanks @fison67

(Chals) #61

I’m still working on upgrade for next version.

Next version has log feature on the page.
Maybe You can check error log easy as not added device or find not token or wrong token etc…

And support Humidifier2, Fan, Smoke detector, Gateway alarm feature, etc…
Fix some bugs…


(Gregoiredore) #62

I checked the logs; for the gateway, I got a “handshake timeout”… not sure I understand what it means

2018-04-02 06:24:04 [Mi-Connector] info: Initialize >> Device Ip(192.168.XXX.XXX), Token=(TOKENTOKENTOKEN)
2018-04-02 06:24:06 [Mi-Connector] error: Initialize >> Device with token Error ip(192.168.XXX.XXX), token=(TOKENTOKENTOKEN) : Error: Could not connect to device, handshake timeout
    at miio.device.then.catch.err (/usr/src/app/miio/miio.js:393:112)
    at <anonymous>

(Chals) #63

Maybe this is token or ip error.