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Mi Connector (Xiaomi and Yeelight)


(Chals) #290

fison67/mi-connector:latest is not last version.
That version doesn’t support Philips Ceiling.

Try to install a docker image fison67/mi-connector:test (Nas),
fison67/mi-connector-arm:test(Raspberry pi)

(Arkady Aidlin) #291

Thanks , I’ll try it today.

(Chals) #292

Web Menu -> Manage Device -> Search Device -> Search
If you see a device with token you can register a device.
Or not you have to find a token & register a device with token, ip.

(Chals) #293

Maybe It seems more stable to work with Xiaomi Gateway than paired directly with ST hub.

Xiaomi Vacuum has status (initiating, charger-offline, waiting, cleaning, returning, charging, charging-error, paused, spot-cleaning, error…)

I don’t know what you have vacuum version but does the vacuum show ‘cleaning’ when cleaning?
go back to the dock -> ‘retuning’
charging -> ‘charging’

(Ian ruffell) #294

So the token is it from the secret menu in the app or somewhere else?

(Chals) #295

(Marius) #296

What’s the easiest way to switch from the latest docker tag to one of the test (test/test2/test3) tags without loosing the container and app settings? I’m running docker on a Synology NAS.

Also, in this thread the test2 tag is listed as the beta version, but it says test3 in the Github repo. Maybe you should update the description?

Thank you.

(Ian ruffell) #298

Thanks got it all added now thanks couple of queries if i may?

the push button, do i do anything to create an automation in the device itself at all? as nothing happens when i push or double push

the door sensor shows open where it is actually closed, the log when you open the door doesnt show anything same with the motion detector.

the leak detector and the temperature are working as they should however.

should i move from the latest to the test?

(Arkady Aidlin) #299

Hi .
I have updated to test3 and now I can turn it on and off , but it has small problem. It turning Midnight lights and not the light it self. On SF App its scene 4 . Can you please fix it. Thank you so much.

(Marius) #300

Hi @same555,

You should test again using the “test” tag as this is the latest version.

Docker tags:

  • test - Last update: 14 days ago
  • test2 - Last update: 2 months ago
  • test3 - Last update: a month ago
  • latest - Last update: 6 months ago

(Chals) #301

You’re not going to looe settings.
Just backup config.json in /config.

Remove Container.
Download Image.
Start Container.

(Chals) #302

Change the scene first.
And then turn on/off

(Chals) #303

All things is not updated current status?
Check your smartapp config & mi connector web setup page.
app_url, app_token, app_id has to be same,

(Ian ruffell) #304

Hi there

Push button doesn’t do anything when pressed, door sensor shows opposite to what is actually is and motion sensor doesn’t pick anything up.

The yeelightbulb, leak detector, temperature sensor works and the gateway hub works and I can control these ok.

Just the first three mentioned

(Chals) #305

It’s working on mi home app?

Is there a door, button devices on mi connector web dashboard? If not it’s not connected mi connector.

Check mi connector log.
When you push the button, mi connector log has to be shown.
And also smart app & door, button DTH live logging

(Ian ruffell) #306


Push button works in mi home app and is used for some scenes and works instantly.

If I use the soft button inside the thing then I can then use st scenes but not when physically pushing it.

Button shows in the mi connector dashboard.

The mi connector log stuck on processing and doesn’t do anything, download says fail

(Chals) #307

This command is to start docker image manually.
docker run -it -v /docker/mi-connector:/config --net=host fison67/mi-connector:test bash
and then ‘npm start’
You can see the full log.

(fabfab) #308

i followed all the steps but i have an error, even if i try to add device manually :
Failed >> ADD Device Error : java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘id’ on null object

if think, the line with this error on the smartapp come from :
def childDevice = addChildDevice(“fison67”, dth, (dni + “-” + index), location.hubs[0].id, [
“label”: name + index

i haven’t hub, i need to buy one ? it’s obligatory ?

(Chals) #309

Replace null to location.hubs[0].id

(fabfab) #310

I’m not understand, it’s already location.hubs[0].id
But location.hubs[0] IS null because i haven’t any hub