Mi Connector (Xiaomi and Yeelight)


(roelofk85@gmail.com) #207

Yes, the fison67 : Xiaomi Remote and the fison67 : Xiaomi Remote TV.
Alsa restarted the mi-connector and the mariadb.

(Chals) #208

How about Xiaomi Remote Custom?
You tried to add xiaomi remote custom.
Let me know the docker & st smartapp log.

(roelofk85@gmail.com) #209

How stupid of me, installed the remote custom and it works like a charm! Thanks you again :smiley:

(Nuno Martins) #210

I’m using mi-connector for some time now, and it’s great. yesterday arrived a Yeelight color V2. But I couldnt add it to mi-connector. I simple cant get the token for the Lamp. Anyone is using this new version of the yeelight?

(Arthur V) #211

Is there any way to run it on windows machine?

(Chals) #212

Only support linux

(Chals) #213

Is this a v2 bulb?
I have a this. It’s added to mi connector.
You can get a token.

(Nuno Martins) #214

Yes. Is that model. Can you point me to the method that you used?

(Chals) #215

I just got token on iPhone with backup db.

Take a look ‘IOS’ part

(fabrizio) #216

Hello I have been using the Connector on a raspberry for several months and it is great and very stable. Last week I added the smoke sensor (it was still connected directly to SmartThings). if I go to the connector I see it but it is not get recognized. Is this sensor among the supported ones?
I got the X close to it. In the IDE I have the xiaomi Smoke Detector v 0.0.1

(Chals) #217

Do you disconnect a smoke sensor from ST and add to Mi Home?

(fabrizio) #218

Yes it was the only remaining zigbee sensor connected to ST as all the other are all zwave. I thought it could make sense to get xiaomi zigbee sensors (I have ten others) connected to the xiaomi gateway and then to ST with the mi connector.

(Chals) #219

Upload your web dashboard and logs here plz.

(fabrizio) #220

I tried to reinstall from scratch and now I don’t see it anymore

(Nuno Martins) #221

thanks. It worked with that way… :slight_smile:

(Chals) #222

It looks like no smoke device belong to Xiaomi Gateway.
You can see a smoke device in Mi Home app?

(fabrizio) #223

It works now. Readded the smoke sensor!
Thanks for the help

(roelofk85@gmail.com) #224

Your programs worked good for my setup fison, thanks for that!
But thanks to the limitations on SmartThings i’ve switched to Home Assistant, al the Xiaomi products worked instantly!

Do you use that also fison?

(Chals) #225

I also use a Home Assistant.

(Paulo Nóbrega) #226

Hi. I think I’ve just found the post I’ve been waiting for months. I have a ST uk v3 hub and several Xiaomi sensors connected to it. But it’s always a pain to connect them and they loose connection many times and I have to re add them and redo all my pistons.

So, if I’ve read it right, I need to buy a Xiaomi gateway (will Xiaomi gateway 2 do or it’s better a Aqara mi gateway?) and a raspberry pi b+? And do I need a zwave pen for the raspberry?

Awesome work