Meta Description and Version Number

Continuing the discussion from Harmony Home Control:

@April this was asked several times during the developer call but no one answered. Could we please get a version number added to the meta attributes for SmartApps and device handlers. There should also be a flag that says if you can install an app more than once. The Harmony app should not be installed more than once. When browsing through the SmartApps the ones I have installed should have a green line, or some kind of icon indicating that I already have it installed.Then make that version number visible somewhere on the installed app interface. Please. I have no way to tell what version of the Harmony (connect) app I have installed. Additionally, I can apparently install it again which would only complicate things in the user experience.


This is almost comical how this request is being ignored. Maybe they don’t want versioning? Too much bloat from hub v2 :smile:

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I’ve provided this feedback back through. Thanks.