Merry Xmas SmartThings!

I can’t believe it’s only been one year with SmartThings. We’ve had out differences you and I but you’ve changed the way my family interacts with our house in many ways. I started out with my hub and one smart outlet last Christmas, just trying to solve a noisy appliance with no real timer function.

Now one year later my doors are monitored, they lock themselves if we forget, which has helped with family anxiety regarding security. Most of my ambient indoor lighting is automated to where it goes on and off when I want, I don’t have to do a thing. And I even automated my Christmas lights so they all finally turn on at the same time.

As I said there’s been some issues but you check the most of my boxes for attaining true home automation, not just toggling switches from a phone. None of this would be possible without the community here, so thank you all, too many to name. Here’s to another great year of tinkering and spouse aggravation. I’ve got an exciting update to a project I want to release soon so look for that and hopefully I’ll finally get a servo mount nailed down for my blind automation. Cheers everyone! Thanks SmartThings team!