Meross MTS100 garage door opener not a choice from within SmartThings app

When you go through the entire process of linking Meross app to SmartThings and then you get to the part where you select Meross devices to add. The only device options that appear are socket and light switch.
The garage door opener is not an option.
In Amazon, they claimed it is supported in SmartThings.
Was this bait? Am I missing something?

Meross owns the integration, so it would be best to reach out to them.

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Thanks, just did. … Waiting.

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It works!
But steps are terrible.
Meross support gave me a link to the steps.

The instructions are little convoluted, but eventually
it was added. They should end at step #6.

e.g. At “Step 6:” you should have said:
“Go back to the home screen of SmartThings app
to see if your device has been added to SmartThings
then assign it to any room preferred.”

You will see something like:

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ah, so it adds ALL Meross devices, even if the type of device isn’t listed in SmartThings?

For some weird reason :slight_smile:

I’m guessing only the types of devices shown have been fully tested and/or approved by SmartThings

There is a HUGE problem with the Meross garage door’s SmartThings integrations. It does not work for more than two days in a row on SmartThings app.
I have to keep deleting the Meross service from SmartThings for the Meross app to be able provide door “open” and “closed” status.
This means recreating any automation using the door as trigger, input or output.
It is annoying (NOT sustainable = insanity) to do this every two to three days.
How long has it lasted you?
I bought the latest device on December 12 2019 and now I cannot return it.
I have been in touch with their customer support and I am not that sure if they take this SmartThings integration seriously.
Just the steps to add it are confusing and incomplete.
They don’t really have an icon in the SmartThings app to show the garage door as an option.
It is hack via one of those sockets or switch icons.
After that you have to go back to home screen and hope it is added.
Otherwise you will go in circles once you see those two switch and socket icons.

I just wanted to say I have the exact same problems ad_me for the past couple weeks

My meross garage door automation (close at midnight) still works, but I was monkeying with trying to have the garage door open when I come home, but opening the garage door isn’t an option in the automation setup… This seems… weird…

Same with Tailwind and other cloud connected openers. But it is an option with the GD00z Z-wave opener. Very weird.

Exact same issues with me too.
SmartThings shows the status of the door for a few hours or a couple of days then just shows it as closed.
A reinstall of Meross app sorts it out, but this doesnt work for long.
Super infuriating! Stops my Alexa routine via a simulated switch from working when it fails.

I gave up on the Meross native SmartThings integration and used virtual switches together with IFTTT.
After you set those four applets app you can use Voice assistants just fine with those virtual switches exposed to your favorite voice command. I use Google Assistant.
See the solution I followed her by @Josh_Schadel:

It made life much easier.

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I had this from Meross yesterday -

"Dear meross user,

Thank you for the reply.
We looked into this issue and it turns out that it might be related to the authorization toke. We have contacted SmartThings for more information about it. Our engineers will keep working on this issue.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused."