Meross LED Auto Color Change

My Harmony Hub sends an on/off signal to my Soundbar which my LED strip picks up (not wanted but can’t avoid) and turns on/off and changes the preferred color. I would like to make a rule that says:

If LED turns on
Then set color to blah blah blah
Set Level to 100

I’ve played around with the built in Routine generated but can’t seem to make anything happen when the LED is turned on.

Any ideas?

If you turn on the led from the Meross app, does it show as ON in the ST app?

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Yes. If I turn it on with the remote, it shows on in the Meros App and in ST. Everything is talking to each other. Just can’t get the color to change after it turns on. :man_shrugging:t5:

Is anyone still here?! :eyes::thinking::rofl::rofl: