Meross Device Integration fails when many changed at one time?

Have several wifi Meross plugs integrated with ST. For holiday lighting this year I put all of them on Meross plugs (mix of mss620 and mss110) and set up automations to turn on/off at specific times. If I turn 3 or fewer devices on or off, it works fine. As soon as I go above 3, one or more of them randomly will not change state. Then when comparing what ST app vs Meross’ app they are out of sync (ST thinks its changed state, Meross shows the actual state.).

I’ve worked around this by adding a delay of 10 or 30 seconds so they don’t all change at once, but I’m curious if anyone else has run into C2C integrations that seemly have rate limits or don’t get queued properly.

People have reported it for various different brands and models at various times. I think it’s a timeout issue. :thinking: Usually breaking the devices up into scenes or, if necessary, multiple routines, will help.

This is one of the things that matter might help with a lot, but we won’t know for sure till it’s actually live.

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