Meross as a replacement for MyQ (2023)

I have two Chamberlain openers with built-in MyQ.

I’m curious how the Meross device integrates with both SmartThings and MyQ.

If the device I think I’ve found on Amazon is correct it looks more like a replacement to MyQ than an augmentation.


I emailed Meross at along with photos of the back of my openers. They were very help and said my openers will work with the MSG200 and not impact MyQ (which I need to keep for Amazon Key deliveries). They mentioned it may, in rare cases, affect the voice control such as Alexa. But, even if that’s true, that wouldn’t affect my use.

Thanks. But am I right in thinking that it’s basically a replacement/equivalent for MyQ?

Meross connects to the garage door opener. They have a compatibility checker on their site in the support section. Depending on your garage door - it either connect by wires to the ports on it or else Meross sends you a remote button that can be wired to the Meross device and can connect to your GDO as a remote button. If your GDO does not support the wired connection, you contact Meross support with your model of GDO and they ship out the remote. (requires proof of purchase).

The Meross GDO connects to ST through the Meross cloud to cloud integration.

The Meross GDO has no link or connection to MyQ… only directly to your GDO.


not handy at all but I just bought this device for my liftmaster 8165W. literally as I typed this got an email about the accessory that is needed being shipped out as soon as its available. they pretty much expect us to be buying from amazon since it requires an order number in order to be fulfilled. its supposed to also work with smartthings so we will see. got a slight discount on the purchase via amazon saying one was available. hope this solves the issue going forward but appreciate the efforts by brbeaird.

1 of 2 Meross Msg100’s installed today. Waiting for the remote for the second unit, but my first unit is installed and working. Seems great so far. A couple differences for anyone interested :slight_smile:
-As someone else pointed out, the annoying delay and beeping sound you get with Myq remote closure will no longer be present. Potentially a safety /code issue in some areas but for me I prefer it. You may need to insert your own delay if like me, you used that beeping 10 second delay to exit the garage.

-If using Alexa, the verbiage is a bit clunky but can be cleaned up using Alexa Routines. By default, a voice code is required, but seems you can bypass that that too with Alexa Routines or just have Alexa trigger a virtual switch and have Smarthings open and close the door.


is it difficult to install?

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Not really. 10 mins for the actual module and about an hour for running the line from the module to the contact sensor on the door. Probably less but I was quite particular about running the lines. If you have easy access to the ceiling or path from GDO to the door itself you will save a bunch of time…

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You technically would only need to use your MyQ Garage Door Opener as a “dumb” garage door opener, unless you like using Amazon Key— as Meross would not have direct integration with Amazon Key like the MyQ app has.

But beyond that, once you set up the Meross and integrate with Alexa, ST, Google, HomeKit, it just shows up like another device called “Garage Door.” Then you can do your usual alerts, voice commands, or automations. You can also use the Meross native app as well for notifications, as they have more robust menu of alerts/notifications/simple automations.

In the Meross app, you can actually set up a different “closing alarm” when it’s closing (at least for the MSG200hk version). It won’t delay, but will give you an audio alert. I left mine off.

Also Google and Alexa voice commands to open requires a pin set up at Meross app or Alexa app directly, but Apple HomeKit does not. All three do not require pins to close.

Can someone post a link to the manual for the non-HomeKit Meross opener?

We’re getting kind of far afield from the topic. Perhaps @JDRoberts could move the Meross posts to one of the Meross-specific threads like

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non-homekit MSG100



note: purchases need to made through Meross or Amazon

What’s the accessory for smart garage door opener, and how can I claim it?

The accessory is an universal remote with an extra signal cable soldered on it. You only need to pair the remote with your garage door opener. When you can use the remote to control the garage door opener, you need to connect the remote to the device with the signal cables and launch Meross app to setup(Yellow learn button accessory and Other learn button accessory) . Then the smart garage door opener will work with your garage door opener.

Please Tap Here to Claim the Accessory.

To claim the accessory, you can contact us at Submit Support Ticket - Meross Smart Home and provide us information listed below:

1.Your Amazon order number or receipt.

2.The brand, model and learn button color (if any) of your ceiling garage door opener.

3.Your delivery address.

4.A phone number that can reach you (optional)


Just got my Meross 200 installed. Pretty easy install. Only issue is with Google Assistant you need the PIN setup to use it but it is a direct integration.

I also tried setting it up through Smartthings to try and get around that but Google Assistant won’t pull it over from Smartthings.

Thanks for keeping this going for so long and thanks for the product recommendation. On one hand I’m sad to see this journey end and on the other hand I’m excited to not be having to mess with this every couple weeks to get it working again.

Set up a virtual switch in Smartthings and have google home activate that switch. Then build a routine in smartthings that opens or closes the meross door when that virtual switch is activated. If you want to get fancy, set that routine to only trigger when you are home so that no one can yell through a window to open your garage when you arn’t home.


Perfect thanks! Completely forgot about setting up a virtual switch. Works like a charm with no PIN needed.

Got my Meross unit installed and setup over the last few days and so far, seems to work well and replacement in routines was straight forward.

Had I known MyQ as a company was going to behave like this over the years of having it, I would have gone a different direction to start with my opener decisions and saved some $$ with a non-connected opener.

Glad to have a solution that takes control out of their hands, as I don’t see them disabling the method Meross uses to control the unit as it would disable all their standard remotes and wall stations for my unit.

Brian, thanks for all your hard work bridging this gap with your Edge solution! Much appreciated!


can the wires they talk about going where the wall control is connected be utilized in addition to the existing wires for the wall control? sorry if its a dumb question but its not clear.

Ya I have mine punched down into the same slots.

and depending on your GDO model (mine has the yellow learn button and antenna), Meross sends you a remote with a pigtail that connects to those leads on the Meross unit and you don’t plug anything into your GDO.


thanks peeps. I have the yellow learn button too and am awaiting the remote and pigtail to arrive. how long did you have to wait?