Meross and Switchbot automation

Devices :

Phone : Samsung Galaxy S9+

Meross MSS-110 outlets

Switchbot MeterTH S1 Temperature Sensor

The automation that I Have created is

If SwitchbotTempSensor => 72 degrees f
then MerossOutlet power = off

I have uploaded a screenshot of the automation.

The app lets me completely add the automation, but it won’t trigger.

I realize these aren’t Samsung devices, but they do appear to be supported by the app. I can manually turn outlets on and off, just not with the automation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


And the reported temperature has actually changed since you’ve created the automation?

Yes, automation has been in place for over 2 weeks.

Im running a test now using time to turn on outlet to decipher which is culprit


Based on time, automation works fine with Meross outlet, must be an issue reading temp from switchbot sensor