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I’ve been a ST user for years, but I’ve mainly stayed away from the ST App… instead choosing to do everything with WebCoRE. Now with Groovy going away, I’m beginning to convert things over to ST app, but I’ve got some pretty basic questions:

  1. I currently have just my own account… wife & kid’s phones have the ST app which is logged into my account. Is there any reason/benefit to adding them as “members”?

  2. I’ll want to create Routines based on who is/isn’t home, and I’m guessing that ‘Location Modes’ is prob best for this. How to I define the Location Modes? In other words, how do I tell ST that “Vacant” is defined by absence of me, wife, & daughter?

  3. We currently use Life360 for presence, and would like to continue- but it seems that ST app can only use actual phone presence? Will I be able to use Life360?


Presence is one reason. Each member would get their own presence sensor. You noted that Webcore will be phased out when groovy is shut down but so will Life360 in its current form unless it gets ported over to a cloud-to-cloud connection not based on groovy.

Life360 will show under Device Status and not under Member Location


You’ve got me really thinking deeper now. I guess I’ll lose some things that I heavily rely on- Like Rboy LUM for Schlage, ActionTiles, Rachio, MyQ garage opener, and even Alexa?

Assuming I have a goal of preparing now, and not having to re-do things later, am I safe using things like Smart Lighting SmartApp? Or maybe better question- is there any way I can find out about what will/won’t work?

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don’t go overboard with fear. Smart Lighting will be phased out but some of the others will be fine. Some cloud-to-cloud integrations have been migrated or will be migrated to the new schema.

  1. It is more a case of not gaining anything by not making them Members. If you used the ST app mobile presence it would mean their phones appear under their own names, but perhaps more usefully it means you can decide who receives certain push notifications.

  2. The Location Modes are a property of your SmartThings Location. The setup and manual selection are buried under the home icon in your app. The default modes are Home, Away and Night. It is down to you you set the Location Modes, which you can do using Routines. For example, you might have a Routine that sets Home if any one of you is present. You can select Away if you are all not present. You might set Night mode at a certain time in the evening, and you might set Home at a certain time in the morning.

  3. ST have chosen to hide their mobile presence in the apps and instead present it as Member Locations in Routines, dressing it up a bit in the process. Other presence sensor devices can still be accessed under Device Status.

Gutted that smart lighting is going. I use it for my stairwell lighting. Ive been setting up similar routines in another house and found the new apps routines don’t have the same features. Mainly when motion stops etc as apposed to just turning off after a set time.


check out this thread for some help on the move from smart lighting to routines.
Thanks again @orangebucket

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Thanks Graham- very helpful

just started to realize i may have to start my change over as well. it has been a while and i cannot recall how i added my webcore presence sensors on the smartthings app.

i found redundant entries of my(me) presence sensor while checking my IDE. i decided to delete one and of course it’s the webcore presence sensor i was using on the smartthings app to trigger home vs. away routine.

As you can see, i was able to configure my phone as webcore presence sensor( Dad), but now i can’t figure out how to add it on the smartthings app.

thank you for the help.