Member Location Bug / Android V1.7.51.42

Just noticed since yesterday because my alarm would not auto arm.

After testing I found that when you set the Location Mode to Away, Home Monitor will not update to Arm (away).

Both the Away and Night Location modes still work with Home Monitor.

Anyone else noticed this?

Unless you create an automation to make that happen, it wont do that. They’re not linked in any way do you have an automation that failed?

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Same problem as Ultra77. I don’t get it…Just migrated from Classic App, Routines (now Scenes) have dropped the security arming with barely a whimper. nathancu it sounds you understand the work around. Could u pls give details? I HAD a routine called “Sleep” that turned of lights and moved security mode to Stay Armed (stay). Armed(stay) no longer present. Security is kinda important. What to do???

Yes, I have automations set for arm and disarm based upon member location.

However, I cannot get my Home Monitor to Arm (away) with member location. Member location works fine to Disarm Home Monitor, strangely enough.

I have had to link Life360 and use ‘Device Status’ to get it to Arm (away) again.

Anyone know why the native Member location in S.T. seems to be playing up all of a sudden?

And it is definitely not a case of it being armed and then disarmed again immediately by another automation?

Upon further testing this morning my wife and I believe we have found the problem.

Hence, I have since changed this thread’s topic to more accurately reflect the problem.

The issue seems to be with the newly released S.T. app update V1.7.51.42 for Droid.

As this issue only occurred after I updated to this version from V1.7.50-21 a couple of days ago I decided to roll back and do some A-B testing.

Sure enough ‘Member Location’ works flawlessly with V1.7.50-21 and Home Monitor arms and disarms without issue.

I feel that the newly added feature of ‘Find’ to V1.7.51.42 has something to do with ‘Member Location’ problems but I can’t be positive they did not break something else with this update that is the true cause of the problem.

Has anyone else found this bug?

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How can i roll back to

You can find the APK file here:

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A lot of people are having on and off problems with .42 and location.

That said it also seems they’re trying to make back end changes ans rolling back may not be the answer. (it may actually make it worse.)

Read the thread here before about a few more steps to try before trying a rollback

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I havent rolled back.
Got home couple hours ago. Presence and automations seem to be working so far.

Let’s see tomorrow sunrise on automations and presence when I leave the house

Fingers crossed lol

It really depends on what you are using as a presence sensor.

If you are using your phone, then you can use either use Device Status if you link Life360 or Member Location if you use the native proximity sensor of the S.T. app.

Using presence through Device Status seems to be working fine for both arming and disarming Home Monitor.

However, Member Location is broken for me on V1.7.51.42 for arming only. Whereas my wife’s iPhone works fine on the latest V1.6.51-435. Having said that, the iOS app for S.T. does not seem to have ‘Find’ feature added as far as I can see. Whether that has anything to do with it who knows.

Without having to Rollback everything is working correctly again
-presence away/ home

  • automations
    -smart lighting
    Samsung S10/ IOS

Prior to all of this I did create a support ticket a few days ago with a response from Support (recieved this morning )stating I should delete Uninstall the Classic app so it doesn’t conflict with the New App

In the past few days I deleted my automations and smart lighting actions that migrated over from Classic that were giving me problems.

I re-initiated those automations and smart lighting in the New app. Unsure if that did the trick…but everything is working again


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I have found the problem that has caused the automation to fail when based upon member location.

This new V1.7.51.42 causes a duplication of my phone in ‘My Devices’ when you check the IDE. One is listed as Mobile Presence and the other is a Placeholder. Go in and edit the device and change the display name so you can differentiate between the two when you get back to the app.

In the app, make sure you only select one when you are creating the automation. You will have to test which one works, as I have had conflicting results so far when switching between the two in the app. Suffice to say it will now work.

Don’t know why there is now a Placeholder for the mobile as well as Mobile Presence for the same device. Maybe this has something to do with the new ‘Find’ feature?

I had an automation that when me and my girlfriend leave the apartment (we use our phones as presence sensors), after 30 seconds the SMH goes to “Arm”, the cameras (connected to z-wave power plugs) turn on, and we receive a notification.

Then, when one of us arrive, the SMH goes to “Disarm”, the cameras are turned off and we receive a notification.

It didn’t work very well.

So no, we just arrived home (5h30am in Portugal) and when we were at the garage we received the notification that SHM was disarmed.
“Oh yeah, it seems that it’s working fine again”

Guess what: When we reach the 6th floor and opened the door, the siren was triggered!

And yes both phones are always with WIFI, LTE and GPS enabled. And in the app too!

Thanks Samsung for making me wake up my neighbors, and for screwing up an app (Smartthings Classic) that used to work well!

Honestly, i’m tired of having issues with the new app and i’m starting to think about not selling it, but throw it to the trash!

How can we trust in the “New Smartthings” with this kind of problems?

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When i logged into IDE
I discovered this.
In Classic App when using your phone as presence it’s listed as Mobile Presence in IDE
In the NEW App when you utilize mobile presence it is listed as Placeholder.

What is Placeholder?
I selected my automations to run off Mobile Presence and did not include Placeholder if that makes any sense.

Running Mobile Presence from The New App (placeholder). Its doing weird things for instance. When I arrive home…it would acknowledge but then immediately it would change my status to Going away/ Bye Bye

So I unchecked Placeholder…and selected Mobile Presence as my Automation. If that makes any sense.

Can someone educate me …why in the New App when selected to use your phone as presence…it sets it as Placeholder instead of stating Mobile Presence in the Type category?

Tyler Lee android (classic app)
Tyler Lee TLSMGS10 (NEW App)

Same phone one is registered on classic app for presence and the other on the new app

The above is what it looks like in IDE in Classic App setting for mobile presence

The above is what it looks like in IDE for the New App for using phone as mobile presence (placeholder)

Because its not the same kind of device. It supports not only home and not home but technically supports other locations too.

Its the new style of device using the new APIs and back end and as such, doesnt need or technically use Groovy on the back end. The placeholder you see there is exactly that, just a placeholder… Its the interface back into the Groovy IDE.

My smartphone (OnePlus 7 Pro) and my girlfriend’s smartphone (Huawei P30 Pro), we’re always used has presence sensor, now are shown like “Placeholders” (we just have one location).

I don’t know if it has anything to do it with what i reported here yesterday.

I went back to Classic version, deleted both phones and re-added them as presence sensors.
Now if I go to IDE it shows duplicate phones (different names): What i add using the Classic app are shown as presence sensors, and then it automatically created “new ones” like placeholders.

On the new app, i created the automation for when we both leave to SHM go to arm (away) and to turn on the smart plugs where the cameras are connected, using the phones i created has presence sensors. And the opposite if any of us arrive home.

Let’s see tomorrow…

Another issue with this is that there is no history available for these placeholders.

Thankyou for notating
I am posting more these days on this forum as well as reading everyone’s latest posts on issues

This presence bug has come back
I Arrive Home at 10:08 and within the same minute 10:08 it has me going Away Leaving

At 10:13 it has me Arriving/Home…and stays that way

What’s going ON?

I have the Mobile Presence (setting in classic app) set on the automations

The same thing occurs “if I had” the Presence setup in the Automations under the New App (placeholder).


*only happens to android platform
*ios platform it doesn’t do this