Meet Wink 2 (2016)

We will all have to wait until it comes out. I don’t think they have been entirely clear about what kind of sensors they will support.

Let me start by saying that I have a Wink 2 on preorder.

With that being said, while I think it will be a nice improvement over Wink 1, I don’t think it can replace ST for me. Why? Because Wink lacks in two key areas:

  1. Device support - by virtue of being an open system and our awesome community, ST has support for many, many more devices than Wink does.
  2. ST has more powerful rules engines available (RM first, now CoRE).

I’ve said it several times, but I’ll say it again - if Wink were to partner with someone like Aeon or Zooz and support their entire product line, it would be more potent. As-is, there are no compatible things like multisensors, though I do believe Wink will announce something in that regard soon.

Wink runs most of my lights and I can see that continuing with Wink 2 and improving as a result. However, for advanced actions which need input from a variety of sensors, ST is still a better route IMO.

I have both SmartThings and wink. I haven’t pre-ordered a wink 2 because I’ve shifted most of my local processing over to HomeKit, but then I use very simple logic rules so having a complex rules engine hasn’t been an issue for me.

My biggest issue with Wink, to be honest, is that it treats all motion sensors as one. I use motion sensors as touchless switches, a lot. so the security-focused approach of treating all motion sensors as one zone just never worked for me.

I know they said a couple of times that they were going to change that, did they ever?

JD, I believe they did - I only have 1 motion sensor on Wink and I’m not even using it so I can’t check for sure, but I believe you can use them separately. I think the issue was that they allowed you to treat all sensors of the same type as one but unintentionally hid the option to use them individually in the UI. I remember there being quite an outcry when that happened.

I just checked, looks like the limitation is still there. You can trigger based on an individual contact sensor, but all motion sensors are treated as one. :disappointed_relieved:

I could swear that Wink support walked me through a way to use only one motion sensor. I had to go about it a different way. Unfortunately I dismantled all of my stuff or I would screen shot it and post. I remember when the problem started. I believe it was after an update. Seems like I needed on e motion sensor to turn on lights downstairs but the sensor in my bathroom would turn them on as well.

Nope, it is there. All motion sensors is the first option it gives you, but when you scroll down it lets you pick individual sensors. I’ve had my motion sensors with Wink act as single ones since last year.

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PC Mag - Wink 2 review & rating


Thanks for sharing. Seems like a good summary with pros and cons.

It’s pretty clear the author of the article doesn’t actually have the devices. He mentions the USB ports on the back of the smartthings V2 hub as a plus for SmartThings, when they are inactive and always have been. He also says the SmartThings hub has only single band Wi-Fi, when in fact it has no Wi-Fi radio at all – – it connects to the LAN over ethernet.


Another useless “review” by a clueless author.

The Samsung SmartThings Hub$74.99 at Amazon, for comparison, only supports ZigBee, Z-Wave, and single-band Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi, really?

Good points. I breezed through the ST stuff since I know ALL about it.

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It’s the second review from the Wink hub that I read and they are both SO bad. Unfortunately there are no good smart home review websites out there.
Cnet gave it a poor review because, well… Cnet gives a poor review to everything not Apple or Samsung. And now this guy comes along boasting on how much we use those pretty USB ports.

Saw this today, it doesn’t have a review on the wink 2, but rather the original wink (unless the original wink is not the direct predecessor of the wink 2).

That specific article has its own discussion thread:

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Does anybody know if the robots in wink still have a long delay? I couldn’t use it for motion-activated lights because it took so long to trigger.

Yes, they can have a long delay but Wink 2 is supposed to run them locally, which should greatly improve the response.

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The Wink Hub 2 is now available.

With 1St gen hub migration support!

Well, now…this is embarrassing.