Mdns (bonjour)?

The docs talk about multicast-dns (bonjour in apple land) being supported in the future for lan discovery. I was wondering if the future were here yet? I’ve got code that publishes a service via bonjour but not upnp so I was hoping I’d be able to use that.

Anyone know the status of it?


It’s not in the hub as of right now. Should be in Hub 2 and hopefully a firmware update to Hub 1.

Thanks, Tyler. Guess for now I’ll use the method that ObyThing uses until I get a chance to look into what it takes to implement upnp.

Dang, is this still not supported? I spent a few hours tying to make it work since it was in the docs, and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting anywhere before finding this.

Yes, please remove this from the documentation if this isn’t supported. I’m running into the same apparent lack of support that jnewland is hitting, and also wasted several hours attempting integration.