Matter Drivers - Wildcard subscriptions

Does anybody have examples of how to implement wildcard attribute and event subscriptions in a multi-endpoint Matter driver ?


I guess you already checked this, but just in case. The only references to wildcard in the official drivers are for the read command, where it says that not specifying an endpoint means a wildcard endpoint.

And for subscriptions, in the library source code for MatterDevice:add_subscribed_attribute function it says “Endpoint_id is always a wildcard”.

Thanks. I did find that reference for the read command. For the source code you reference saying “Endpoint_id is always a wildcard” - is that source code public? If so, where can I find it. I’m trying to figure out if I can do a endpoint = wildcard, cluster = wildcard, attribute = wildcard subscription together with an endpoint = wildcard, cluster = wildcard, event = wildcard subscription.

The particular device I’m working with has 7 endpoints (a root, a dimmer, a switch, a RGB bulb endpoint, and 3 Generic Switch endpoints), plus Mode Select clusters added to several of these endpoints. I think the only way to get all the needed attributes is a full wildcard subscription, both to the device attribute, as well as to the Generic Switch cluster events.

It’s the Lua library: Release APIv9 Hub Release 0.52.X · SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsEdgeDrivers · GitHub

If a function is not there it means it’s not exposed to the drivers.

Since it looks like your purpose is adding support for a new device, maybe @nayelyz or @Luis_Humberto_Medina can help you.

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Thanks for the tag, @mocelet
@jvmahon, I asked the engineering team about this, I’ll let you know once I get more info.

Thank you very much. I think it may be helpful for me to be a bit more specific. I am working on a driver for this device: Inovelli White Series 2-1 Smart Switch • Works With HomeKit • Matter

The device uses a RGB endpoint to control the color of the LED strip on the right-hand side. The “stock” SmartThings driver recognizes that RGB device, but it does not respond correctly. Also, the device supports button-tapping, but the “stock” SmartThings driver does not support that either.

Ideally, it would be best if SmartThings could fix their own driver and get it to work as there seems to be a problem with how it handles endpoints, but in the meantime, I’m looking to see if I can get something working.

If your engineering support could fix the SmartThings driver, I could likely get Inovelli to send them a pre-release sample device. Thanks.

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Hi, @jvmahon

Thank you for sharing which device you’re trying to integrate. I talked to my team about this and they mentioned they’re already in contact with the team from Inovelli to solve this issue.