Matter Device Type Support - Bridge?


Where can I find a list of which device types the SmartThings Platform does support for Matter devices? Such as OnOff Switch, OnOff Plug, Dimmable Lamp etc.

Especially the “Bridge” type is not supported yet, am I correct? Is there any timeline on when that will happen? We are developing a Matter Bridge for KNX devices, and want to support Samsung SmartThings as well. Apple Home and Google Home support the matter device type: “bridge”. Alexa and Samsung SmartThings not yet… is there any possibility to contact the developers for the SmartThings platform?

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Hi @mailgoe welcome to SmartThings community

the support for 3rd party Matter Bridges will be added on the firmware 0.49.09, you can find more information in the next post:

Do matter bridges have to have a specific fingerprint match to be imported? Or will any certified matter bridge work?

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Thank you, that is very good news!

Will this update also be available for the V3P03 Hub?

the V3 hubs will receive the firmware update


What about the Smartthings Station?

The Station receives firmware updates on a different schedule from the V2, V3 and Aeotec hubs.

The SmartThings Station, and other Samsung products with built-in SmartThings hubs, are on different firmware update cycles. We don’t seem to get the same formal notifications about those as we do with the V2/V3/Aeotec hubs or the Connect/WiFi hubs, relying more on community feedback for news. However the pace of development with Edge is such that they necessarily can’t lag too far behind.

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@JDRoberts Sorry for the delay, I asked the corresponding team, and they commented this: SmartThings supports matter bridges generically and Smartthings does not require users to only use certain matter bridge devices.

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Great news, thanks! :sunglasses: