March 7th Minneapolis event

(Dave) #1


Where is the March 7th event in Minneapolis taking place? I actually live in Minneapolis, so I’d like to attend if possible.



(Ben Edwards) #2

Hi Dave.

We’ve already finalized the list of attendees. We had a total of 308 backers in Minnesota alone, and nearly 50 of those were Enthusiasts and Developers like yourself. I know they had to make some tough decisions since we’re limited on the number of kits we are able to fulfill.

You’ll get your things soon!


(Dave) #3

No worries. Thanks for the reply.

(Todd Wackford) #4

So how was the event? Someone needs to post or show me where the info is.


(Ben Edwards) #5

@Twack - you should check out this photo set:

and this update:

From there you can see some tweets from people who have their kits.