March 17 and 18 2015 solar storm and GPS


March 17 and 18 2015 Solar Storm and GPS

A major “solar storm” is impacting Earth and will likely last until Wednesday morning.

This is cat 4, which may affect the accuracy of some GPS systems.

most people probably won’t notice any effects, but if you have any critical functions triggered by GPS positioning (like garage doors opening), I’d consider switching them to manual until the storm has passed.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #2

Ahh and the eventual bit rot that is caused by solar storms… Fun times, fun times. The universe is trying to kill us, its time to fight back. :smile:

(Ron S) #3

Since yesterday, even though sunny outdoors and in 50’s, we got 30-35 miles wind continuously thru out the day & night and even now as I write this in Jersey.