Mapping device handler to capabilities

I see some of the production capabilities for
eg., Temperature Measurement or Thermostat mode

I dont see anything for Thermostat or a temperature sensor to map with built-in device handler type.
I checked the documentation here Device Handler Types Reference | Developer Documentation | SmartThings

Is this the complete list? How do i map thermostat to a device handler?
Your help would be much appreciated.

I don’t know who comes up with the terminology for the Samsung SmartThings platform, but historically they all too frequently have used the same name for two different things, or at least a very similar one.

My apologies when you said “device handler type” I thought you meant “device type handler“ which is terminology from the old platform. Many people said it the other way around, but apparently “device handler type” is indeed an active term from the current architecture referring to non-connected devices. My bad.

I have updated this post to remove my original comments. They were correct, but not relevant in this case.

Again, my apologies for any confusion.


Sorry to have not set the right context.
I am trying to integrate cloud connected devices and i am using st-schema sdk for the same. I want the devices on my cloud platform to be added to SmartThings. For example as part of discovery request the device that i add should be mapped to a device handler. In my case if i have to integrate a thermostat what should be the device handler type?
As i see from the documentation, there is no device handler mapping to a thermostat, link here Device Handler Types Reference | Developer Documentation | SmartThings
Your help/comments would be much appreciated.

From what I’ve seen, many of the cloud->cloud integrations have implemented their own Device Handler Types (Device Profile). For example, my Ring cameras use “c2c-ring-doorbell”. My Ecobee Thermostat uses “v4 - ecobee Thermostat - Heat and Cool (F)” and my Ecobee sensors use “ecobee Sensor”. If there is not a defined Device Handler Type that matches the capabilities of your devices, I think you will have to create your own custom one (which is mentioned in the documentation you linked to).

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My apologies: The error was mine. I have updated my post above to make the correction to my own error…

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Hi @prakash_m

If none of the device profiles at Device Handler Types Reference | Developer Documentation | SmartThings matches your requirements, you can also create a device profile based on your needs

For example, you can use the capability temperatureMeasurement on your device profile which is one of the most common or you can add any other capability.

Creating a device profile

You have two options
1- Use the Device Profile manager from Developer Workspace
2- Use the SmartThings CLI with the following command smartthings deviceprofiles:create

Use a device profile in Schema

You can use the device profile on the discoveryHander after that SmartThings sends a discovery request using the deviceprofileId


const device = { 
        name: 'Thermostat_device',
        profile: 'deviceProfileId',

const connector = new SchemaConnector()
    .discoveryHandler((accessToken, response) => {
            response.addDevice(,, device.profile)
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Let me add some more links that could help with your case

I hope this could help you