Map Physical Button to Virtual Button

Is there a way to have a physical button such as this:

Call out and “press” a virtual button such as this:

Because when I try to assign that to a physical button in the ST app it only shows me virtual switches not buttons.
The reason for this is because I can see virtual buttons in Home Assistant but cannot see these physical ones for some reason so I’m looking for workarounds

The problem you have is that the button capability only has attributes. The Simulated Button added a custom command to ‘press’ the button but that isn’t any use with modern apps like Routines.

What you really need is a virtual button that also includes the momentary capability. That just implements a push command which the device handler will use to generate the button event.

You often see said handlers called ‘virtual momentaries’ because the button bit is implied.

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So I need a custom DHT for that to work?
Any particular one you can suggest?
This has a virtual momentary button that works very well.


Thanks for that I have installed it and can toggle that on/off momentarily.
I am using one of the zemismart 4 button scene controllers.
Question, do I need to create a virtual momentary button for every action?
Pressed/double/Held for each button so 12 in total? Or is there a way to only create 4 virtual momentary buttons?