Manufacturer Name in Manufacturer Specific Get

Where does the manufacturer name come from in the manufacturer specific report? There is no name in the spec, just an id. Does the hub have some lookup that it uses for this? Is there a way to see/update what it uses?

I ask because I have a new device and it comes up with a null for this. I was trying to get it read the right info.

According to the Z-Wave Command Class Spec doc, the manufacturer names are defined in a document called Sigma Designs, SDS13425. Software Design Spec., Z-Wave Plus Assigned Manufacturer IDs. But this doc doesn’t seem to be available as part of the public specification.

[Update] A list is available here:

So presumably, the zwave.parse() method (or the constructor for physicalgraph.zwave.commands.manufacturerspecificv2.ManufacturerSpecificReport) has a hard-coded look-up. If you specifically wanted to know all the manufacturer ID-name relationships that SmartThings uses, you could just feed fake commands to zwave.parse() in a loop and extract the output.

If you want to alter the names, probably the easiest thing to do is just write a function that accepts the cmd object returned from z-wave.parse() and alters the manufacturerName attribute before you pass it to zwaveEvent(). Or just hard-code your own lookup for manufacturerName within zwaveEvent(physicalgraph…ManufacturerSpecificReport cmd)

Yep - I couldn’t find that doc either. Only run into one so far that I’ve noticed. Not really a major thing, just a curiosity, although I like the idea of rifling through and building my own list :slight_smile: