Manual Overide for 'Gloomy Lights'

Using the SmartLighting app, I’ve recently added the ability to turn on certain lights when lux levels (via Weather Tile) decrease to 400 (Gloomy Lights On). I also added a second rule to turn off the lights if the lux level goes above 600: perhaps because the storm or clouds pass (Gloomy Lights Off). I set the on level to be 200 above the off level because I don’t want any flipping back and forth. All of this works as programmed.

However, here’s my issue with it that I hope you can assist me with. It occurs to me, that with the way these two rules are written, if I turn the lights on and the lux level gets to 600, the lights will automatically be shut off - possibly immediately. Conversely, if I turn the lights off when the lux level goes below 400, they’ll automatically turn on. Although this is what I ‘programmed’, I didn’t anticipate the need for a manual override that would stick.

So, is there a way to set up the lux thresholds to work as I did, unless I manually override them?



After doing some quick testing, it appears that the above ‘issue’ will only occur when the lux thresholds I set are crossed. Not anytime the thresholds are met - just when they are crossed. Is that true? If yes, this may not be a huge issue.