Manage Rental Lock Codes And Home/Away after Groovy?

Can you email me at I have a couple of insights for you.

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@sybohy Just did.

OK, so I have finished the setup with Aurmur I only had little times to work on it so I made some mistakes, however by now I see it works well and I can lay back not worry about my guests unable to check in. The price is good, support answers they helped me when I made a mistake and ran into a dead end. In the meantime some functionality have remained in my LUM thus I can open and close the doors with the app, I can see if they are open or closed as well as I can see what is the temperature in the apartments or I can set the thermostat from automatic to heating that is often the main reason heating doesn’t work because guests pushing buttons randomly. I am waiting for RLA to get back to business because they deserve it.

Anthony via SmartThings Community <> ezt írta (időpont: 2023. febr. 17., Pén 2:10):

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So glad I found this thread. I looked through a few different options and ended up getting setup with Aurmur. It is not nearly as polished or feature rich as Rental Lock Automator from Rboy, but it works for automatically programming guest codes (the most important feature for me) and the support is responsive. Price is reasonable as well. So disappointed that Rboy has gone radio silent and hasn’t gotten their stuff together with whatever the new platform is that Smartthings is offering.

Shoutout to Seam for offering their solution for free to users as well. I ran into an issue and haven’t gotten it up and running, but they have been super responsive to the issue and I expect I could get it working. Since I have Aurmur setup it isn’t a priority at the moment and from my understanding it would take coding to get it to do what I need, but I really appreciate their offer regardless.


I promised I’d provide feedback on my experience with Aurmur so I’ll chip in with my current views.
I think they are broadly similar to @lukacstamas and @Leif_Espelund.

I’ve only used Aurmur with Airbnb so far because this is how I get the vast majority of my bookings.
I’m also listed on Vrbo and Booking-com, for which I am managing the lock codes manually through SLGA.

The important bit: Aurmur has been reliable so far, and in fact covered for me when I forgot to set the manual backup I am using in parallel while I build confidence in the service.
I think it’s good value for the stress it saves me, especially in the light of losing the RBoy RLA app.
I find the web user interface a bit clunky and not very intuitive, but now I’m familiar with it I’m reasonably comfortable using it.
Support was responsive enough (within 24 hours) when I had an issue with the setup.

The website appears professional but I don’t think it’s a big operation. It feels to me like the sort of enterprise that could go either way: it may evolve into a really polished service or it may just peter out completely.
I’m very uncomfortable with having to provide my Airbnb login details to allow it to interface with my account.

I really like that it can automatically email, text and Airbnb message guests automatically with their lock codes. The messages can be customised.

I like that it can be configured to send push notifications to me by email.
A battery level push warning actually saved me from a potentially embarrassing situation I probably would have suffered otherwise.

I miss being able to use the RBoy RLA app to monitor and modify lock codes for individual bookings rather than having to use a web interface as is necessary with Aurmur.


In Aurmur actually you can set individual codes further more you can choose days they work and time interval.

Andrew via SmartThings Community <> ezt írta (időpont: 2023. febr. 18., Szo 11:05):

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Hi @lukacstamas

Apologies, my message was unclear, I agree that it’s possible with Aurmur to set and customise the timings of individual codes. I just meant I like being able to do so from an app on my phone rather than a web interface.

I’ve edited the final paragraph to: "I miss being able to use the RBoy RLA app to monitor and modify lock codes for individual bookings rather than having to use a web interface as is necessary with Aurmur.


Aurmur’s support is first-class, they have been extremely helpful in updating their solution to work for my needs as a suitable replacement for RLA. I’ve been working with their support since January 12th. My first contact was to request they use the last 4 of the phone number for the lock code as my PMS automated messages send the lock code as the last four of the guest’s phone number. When that was fixed, they really only had full Airbnb support and partial support for VRBO and, I use all of those plus another channel. Everything is synchronized on my PMS iCal calendar. So just they completed full support for ICal calendars! Their support was awesome in making their solution work for me.

Aurmur offers full automation for guest lock codes for all channels via an API connection or an iCal export. I can confirm it working for me using Aurmur to automate lock code creation, activation, and deactivation. I only use an iCal export from my PMS, no other channel integrations. A few people said they were just using Airbnb with Aurmur, but you can use iCal also or iCal by itself.

So if while you wait for Rboy RLA, SLGA is your cheapest and easiest option. For full automation of lock codes for all channels via iCal export, try Aurmur.

I am sure Aurmur’s system is capable of more, close to what RLA did, but for now, this is a great solution when managing multiple units on multiple channels.

Hi everyone! My name is Jeremy and I’m part of a team working on a new solution for automating smart lock codes for Airbnb and Vrbo hosts.

We’re currently in the development stages of our product–called Envo–which should be ready for launch in about a month or so. If you’re interested in learning more as we continue development, head over here: Easily Automate Your Smart Lock Codes - KIO Home and leave us your email. We’d love to talk to you about Envo and get to know you better!

EDIT: Our product will not be a native smartthings app, rather a web app that integrates with smartthings locks.

This forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings™ home automation platform, so all of the questions and answers are assumed to be in that context, including the posts in this thread.

Are you planning to provide SmartThings integration for your new system? :thinking:

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Nuki devices also?

You only have sent it 3 times :sweat_smile:

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I didn’t send it three times. I posted it once to the topic thread in the forum.

If someone else quoted me later, then you would see it again, but I don’t have any control over that.

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I have the same exact question! Too much invested in SmartThings to migrate TBH. @Jeremy_Brown - Let us know if you’re coding to be SmartThings integrated! Unfortunately many of us used @RBoy which we loved, but they’ve been offline for a few months with the migration challenges from the IDE.

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I see it as an issue that SmartThings has maintanance quite often, last time exactly when my code was suppose to sync in when my guest arrived have a bit of a broken trust in SmartThings :(. I would welcome a soliton that programs the hub locally and it runs the trigger from there even when Internet is down I can imagine it would run on Hubitat.

Anthony via SmartThings Community <> ezt írta (időpont: 2023. márc. 8., Sze 21:19):

Yes! Sorry for the confusion. I wanted to post here b/c we plan on integrating with SmartThings as an alternative to RBOY RLA for people who haven’t found another solution.

Thanks for allowing me to clarify!

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Hey Anthony - Yes, we are! We’re launching Envo as an alternative to hosts who were using RBOY RLA and need a new solution.


That sounds amazing. Looking forward to hearing more about it! I’ll sign up via email now.

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Hi! Here is a full list of manufacturers and devices that Envo will support: Seam Device Connectors

So glad to hear it! We’ll be in touch.