Manage Rental Lock Codes And Home/Away after Groovy?

I don’t think it was ever stated that it was for Schlage only. It’s for a variety of Z-Wave locks including Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, Samsung, etc. It also supports some locks that don’t have codes such as Danalock, August, and others. You can verify if your lock is supported by checking out the fingerprints for the driver.


Yes, the post I linked talks specifically about a Schlage lock, and it’s a little confusing when you see “Name: Z-Wave Lock PH v1.00, Description: Enhanced functionality for Schlage 468/469 locks” on the driver page.

I have not seen an inclusive list of zwave locks this DOES work for, but I took the description to mean that the driver has enhanced functionality for Schlage 468/469 locks IN ADDITION TO functioning for other zwave locks as well. So I tried it with my Yale Assure lock and it works.

Edit: see previous post for link to the list of supported locks

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It says it has enhanced support for Schlage - a little confusing admittedly, as Rich mentions… But no it’s for most Zwave locks - including Yale. The callout is most likely because Allegion/Schlage handles things a little differently (some may say nonstandard…) and needs a little extra help…

The fingerprint link Bruce posted is the list of supported devices.

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Awesome, thank you. And yes, that verbiage confused me, which is why I asked. I’ll go through soon and see how well it works, since I’ve lost faith in the other/old solution.

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Jeez! I’m referring to this! Seam: Temporary Solution for Managing Lock Guest Codes (Jan 2023)

Kill them not me, I never said this or wrote this!

How does this differ from this? Seam: Temporary Solution for Managing Lock Guest Codes (Jan 2023)

I tried this solution and it is no better than SLGA.

It will be the same results, continue to use SLGA until there’s a solution.

Some people were having issues installing SLGA or were experiencing issues with trying to set lock codes with it. The folks at Seam offered their solution as an option for those who couldn’t get SLGA working.

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Seam is 100% on point. They augment SGLA and provided a FREE solution to help you better navigate the transition. It includes timers, and desktop interface, with visual confirmation and logs. It does way more than SLGA does and they built a frame work for you to build an app on top of that integrates with iCal.

SGLA does not have logging.
SGLA does not have a PC/Mac/Desktop Interface
SGLA does not have ability to set timers and expire codes.

So @Redcentauri they are not the same. Seam is offering to help for FREE and offer more features than SGLA. Until you finish coding and go to market with the perfect solution you are hoping for.


That’s awesome. I hope you’re having success with it. I hope you are using it.

I’ve been trying so many solutions that it is actually destructive, deleting previous configs, I have to buy a separate lock and set up for a sandbox.

It is not better than SLGA, doesn’t want to doubt you if you tried it.

People are coming here for help, and they getting crap after crap, no fault of anyone, but when it is promoted it’s an issue. Most don’t have the ability to continuously try different solutions looking for help.

As I said before, the statement from the MODS should be to use SLGA until there’s a solution, not to recommend solutions that are not better than SLGA as it will be disruptive to most.

But there’s nothing like trial by fire, so trying also of these half bakes solutions may make someone piece together something that is quality.

@Redcentauri we are managing 50+ locks with Seam right now as a work around as we adopt and migrate to our new commercial solution. It 100% is better than SLGA as noted with the reasons above.

Can you please show us the logging, desktop access, and how you set codes to expire with SGLA? No, because those features do not exist in SGLA.

Do you have any technology experience?

I find it ironic you slam people for offering free, documented, and proven information about features yet provide zero value to this community.


It’s always frustrating when something that was working great just suddenly stops working, whether you had notice of it or not. So it’s understandable that everybody is a little bit prickly. :rage:

This forum was set up years ago so that customers could help other customers. The official moderators, who are smartthings employees, just deal with stuff like spam and harassment. They don’t typically get involved in any discussion of use cases and solutions. We get official announcements, and there is a section of support for developers, and that’s it as far as official participation.

So this entire forum is more like Reddit: everybody has their own ideas and opinions, and they are here to share those with other people who are free to explore those ideas or not as they like.

The general forum philosophy is that Choice is good, and different things will work for different people.

This particular thread is for people who are Airbnb hosts, or a similar business situation. That was never an official smartthings feature, and smart locks guest access is not intended for that situation. You don’t get advance scheduling, you can’t trigger automations based on whose lock code was used, and there’s no integration with the third-party hosting apps. It was just designed for a single residential household.

If it works for you, that’s great, but many people find it is not a substitute for the Rboy smartapp which was designed for commercial hosting.

So, even if the staff were making official recommendations. I feel quite confident they would not recommend SLGA for a hosting situation. They would say that’s not a feature which is officially offered, you can explore and see if you can find a third-party solution.

Which is what people have been doing in this thread.

Perhaps you would find it less frustrating if you set up your own thread under projects and described exactly what lock management features you have lost that you would like to replace, and then people could make more specific suggestions so you wouldn’t feel like the suggestions were a waste of time.

We’re all just here to help each other, but without specific questions, you may find the answers less useful than you would hope. :thinking:



I have tried Aurmur and it has been working just fine so far. Support is good too, what I really like is that I can limit the validity of a code so my cleaners can only use their codes between certain times and I could also limit the days like from Monday to Friday between 9am-4pm and the pricing is also acceptable. I am placed in Central Europe I asked them if they could ad the time zone and they added by next day I realy though it was a nice thing.

JDRoberts via SmartThings Community <> ezt írta (időpont: 2023. febr. 1., Sze 19:04):


From what I could see on the Aurmur website it only integrates with AirBnB not any PMS or iCal. Anyone find otherwise?

Yes. Aurmur does iCal.

Under Locks > Listings, click Edit on a listing. There a “Calendar Integrations” section for adding iCalendar URLs.

You have ICAL integration but not for everything.

buster via SmartThings Community <> ezt írta (időpont: 2023. febr. 10., Pén 15:50):

Any idea what iCal format they are looking for? I’m trying to use a custom Google calendar and when I put its private iCal link into the listing I get an error saying “please match the requested format” but there is no documentation that I can find about what format they are wanting. I’ve reached out to support, but haven’t heard back.

In case I missed the many thanks from other members to you @sybohy - THANK YOU. While I signed up with Hospitable (even though our PMS is HostAway) to get the solution to work at least for locks, your offering here is commendable.


@smartant I think Hostaway is going to release their lock integration soon. Should be similar to Hospitable initially. I don’t have the exact ETA for this release but I have a call with their product/engineering team tomorrow morning and I’ll inquire.

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Hi @sybohy - are you able to report back on your chat with hostaway?