Manage new users control

Is it possible to add a new user using their smartphone but limit their control and management of the account? I guess kind of like using their smartphone as a presence sensor.

This is something we are working on but not a part of the app today.

I added the smartphone and then secured access with an app locker

Happy Monday @Ben,

Any update regarding user permissions?

I bring up this concern due to my current situation:
One account > 2 locations > several devices (Users/ Cellphones)

Added a camera device to my home (location) and the privacy issue has really become apparent. Would love to see the ability to control Device access to locations and/or devices.

Thanks for your help and I love your product!

Hey Samsung can we get this function added. It’s been long enough :disappointed:

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I pinged the ST customer service a few weeks ago about this. Still no word on if/when it will ever come out :frowning: