Making SmartSense Presence fob beep when not "home"

(iHH Support) #1

I am trying to setup our system so that if the key fobs leave the office they would beep. We are trying to keep people from taking office keys out of the office. I can only find a way to make the system send a text alert if the fobs leave, which is not what we need to happen. Any suggestions?

(Greg) #2

I don’t think it works that way since if the fob leaves the zigbee network it can’t receive the command to beep, right?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3


I wonder if the fobs have sufficient processing power and firmware to run a local program that would initiate itself to beep.

If not, then perhaps there’s another “locator”-type gadget that can… The challenge is keeping it inexpensive, small, reliable, and low battery drain.

(Ron) #4

I didn’t even know it had the ability to beep. That’s not listed anywhere in the specs. Not sure how this could be useful other then to help find it and as mentioned that would only work if it was lost inside the zwave area.

How about installing a zwave siren outside (but within the zwave signal area. Then when a fob is not present set the alarm off. Not sure of the range of the fob but I think the sound could still be heard by the person with the key ? Going to be annoying to other though…


Open the mobile app and go to the Things screen.

Click on the tiny gear icon on the Fob’s tile. This will take you to the device’s Detail screen.

Here you will see the beep option. Tap it and the fob will beep, but only if it is within range of the hub.


This particular device does not. There are other perimeter breech devices that do exactly this, but nothing else–they beep UNLESS they’re within range of the controller.

I personally really like and use the insite separation alarm, which came out of a Verizon innovation lab program. It’s a $40 device on Bluetooth that works with an iOS app. Cost less if you buy them in multi packs. If you get out of range of your device, you can set it so both the device and the phone started beeping.

The only thing is the range might be too short for the office key problem.

But there are other similar devices that work on Wi-Fi or RFID that might give you a longer range.

None of these would integrate with smartthings, at least not out of the box, but they exist and are widely available for commercial use.