Make your existing non z-wave, RF remote controlled Ceilng Fans Smart (Bond)

So my husband stumbled across the Bond Remote Controller. I had to share it. This hub takes your existing remote controlled ceiling fans and makes them smart without any rewiring or the need to purchase z-wave switches for the fan and light. It’s an RF blaster that is programmed using the existing RF or IR remote. They claim integration with SmartThings. It’s set to ship out on Nov 16th and says it’s $99 bucks. To outfit one fan with a fan/light switch individually, iteiukd be about $90 bucks!! For just 1 set of switches. So for about the same price, you can control them all.


There are many IR compatible controllers that can do that. Probably the most popular is Logitech Harmony (which has an official SmartThings integration) and broadlink RM, or the new zmote. but there are two big caveats.

One) your existing fan has to have an IR remote. Most do not, instead they probably use RF, typically 433 MHz. But if your existing fan does have an IR remote, then you will have several options in this category.

One easy way to tell is if your remote works when you are standing around the corner in the next room, it is not an IR remote. If it only works with a clear line of sight, it might be IR.

The Broadlink pro can also do it for RF Devices on 433 MHz.

The device you linked to is actually fairly expensive for this category, and still in pre-order. ( also, they say SmartThings integration is “coming soon” not that they actually have it now)

Personally, I would probably look at the zmote first if you do have an IR remote for your fan. Or the Broadlink Pro for RF. Both have. been on the market for a while, and both cost less than the one that you linked to.

  1. IR devices do not report status back. So if someone changes the fan with a wall switch or The original remote, smart things won’t have any idea that that happened, and the App will get out of sync with the actual device. So that’s just something to be aware of.

You can certainly try the Bond if it looks good to you, but I would wait until you can order it off of Amazon so that you can return it if it turns out not to work The way you hoped it would.

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The Bond uses both IR and RF from my understanding. I’ve looked into the other options available and there were none that I found to be it of the box and ready after a 5 minute setup. The prerelease orders have already been fulfilled and those that preordered have said it works well and is reliable. I haven’t found anything on the ST integration yet so I’m anxious to see how this goes.

It’s always good to have choices. If you get it, let us know how you like it. :sunglasses:

Definitely!! The plan.


Update: So after launch the launch, it seems that they are currently developing integrations with SmartThings. It only works with Ceiling fans, but they’re touting integrations with other devices including garage doors soon with “rapid software updates”… We will see… I think it’s a great concept, however, I hope the project isn’t dead right outta the gate. Another thing I do not like is that it’s cloud dependent… A big strike in my opinion!! As of right now it says they’re compatible with Google Home, Alexa and WiFi through the app, and only ceiling fans. I haven’t looked into their API yet to see if a DTH and Smartapp can be written by the community or not.

I just ordered it from HomeDepot. If you add a ceiling fan to the order, you save additional $40. I placed an order with the cheapest fan bundle for $65 plus tax. If I return the fan, I basically get the Bond for lessthan $55 including tax and free shipping.


It works amazing for me so far. However, I haven’t figured how to link to SmartThings and Google Home yet. The functionality and setup is pretty solid. It is in a central location and controlling three RF remote fans.

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They released their IFTTT channel so you should be able to get indirect integration that way. Give it a try and let us know how it works. :sunglasses:


I just bought a Bond, and I am willing to wait for SmartThings integration. How do i set it up with IFTTT? I clicked the link above and it doesn’t work.

I don’t know, IFTTT is being weird. It will post the thumbnail but then you get an error message when you arrive. :disappointed_relieved:

Try just going to the IFTTT site and searching for the bond channel.

I tried that, but their site is down. But I didn’t find anything useful there. BOND already works with Alexa, so I am set that way. But would prefer ST integration.

In Ifttt it works as a “that” selection. The only options are to turn a device on or off. I can only turn the fan on or off in a fan/light combo through Ifttt. I don’t know if that is universal.

But that on off doesn’t work through SmartThings yet. So you get the same result with Alexa. Is that correct?

Yes it works with Alexa for the fan and the light. If you have Smartthings integrated with Ifttt you could use a virtual switch (or any other device authorized for Ifttt use) to turn the fan on or off using the Bond Ifttt channel.

OK that is doable until BOND has the official release.

Bond updated their Ifttt channel and the fan lights can now be turned on/off.

I was just on the site, and don’t see that. Here is the screenshot from a few minutes ago.

When you are setting up an Ifttt Applet it gives you the option of choosing to control the fan or the fan light. Within the Bond app the fan and the fan light are seen as one device.

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OK, I guess since my BOND is coming tomorrow and I then set it up I will be able to see that. Do you use a virtual switch?