Make house look occupied when we are away?

So, I have several Cree LED bulbs. I would like to have different bulbs go on or off depending on the time of day. Right now, I have set up routines and renamed them to different times of day. I must manually execute these routines. What I would like to do is have those routines executed automatically at the specified times of day. I don’t necessarily have to use “routines” if there is a better solution.
Thanks for your help.

Vacation Lighting Director may be what you are looking for? This app can be used to make your home seem occupied anytime you are away from your home.

It is a stock app in Marketplace/Lights & Switches by @slagle to randomly turn on/off lights to simulate the appearance of an occupied home while you are away.


Thank you. I will check it out.

I went to Marketplace/Lights & Switches but did not find any app. I did a search and found a page of code at Github. I have no idea what to do with code. :slight_smile:

Sorry I must have installed mine not knowing it was a custom app. If you need help in installing custom smartapps see @JDRoberts FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings here.

It’s definitely in that section as I’m looking at it right now.
Scroll down, its the 7th in the list

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Make sure you are looking under “smart apps” not under “things.”

  1. Open the mobile app

Two) select the marketplace asterisk icon at the bottom right of the screen

  1. choose “smartapps” at the top of the screen

  1. choose the “lights and switches” category

  1. scroll down until you see “vacation lighting director”


I use Routines. I have them set to automatically trigger on a time schedule.

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The Vacation Lighting Director never worked properly for me. It always work on the first day then stopped after that. By reading the posts from New App: Vacation Light Director. I am not the only one and I think you need 2 modes to trigger the app and it will work properly. I ended up using the Smart Lighting from the marketplace. It gave me some randomness based on the sunset\sunrise ± the time. I do need to setup for each light, more control for me though.:muscle:

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Aha! Very good…I was not on the apps side. Thank you.

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Vacation Lighting Director didn’t work for me when installed from the ST store. I then used te code below and it worked great

I updated the app recently to take care of some of the edge cases @U3gRJLfQiF9C was talking about.


Does this automatically update the code or do I need to start again or perhaps open the smartapp and click done to get it to update to the latest version.

If you installed it through the marketplace it will automatically update it.

There are some new features though so check those out. :grinning:


@slagle is there any way to currently tell when a smartapp in the marketplace gets an update?

I was just thinking about this actually. There isn’t currently, but this conversation started me thinking about how we could do that.


Looks much the same to me. (That I remember anyway!!!)

It’d definitely different but not largely. Biggest difference is time is now an additional trigger instead of just mode.


On occasion I snoop around peoples github accounts for interesting SmartApps or to learn how to do certain things. I came across this today and figured I’d give it a post. I don’t know if it works, but it was updated in May 2016.

There’s an author thread for the Home Alone smartapp in the community-created smartapps section of the forum.

Another good way to see what code has been contributed the community is to use the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki. Lots of good stuff there. :sunglasses: