Make Alexa wake up and say something?

Which ones is it missing?

There are probably a lot of things going on behind the scenes right now… I would give it a few hours to a day or so to get everything smoothed out.

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All iris and st branded devices. Thoss are the only brands I have

I just tried this out and it’s freaking AWESOME SOME!!!

I made a routine that when my shoe closet door opens, Alexa say, “I hope you find something cool to wear”

Now it’s time to do the bathrooms so she can say, “Don’t forget to wash your hands!”

Oh they are going to get tired of this really quick but for now, this is FREAKING SWEET!!”


I know… my kids keep running out the back door… “The back door has opened”… lol


Has anybody tried using the universal virtual device type to have a switch look like a sensor to Alexa?

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Was just thinking I am going to have to make a ton of simulated contacts to add if this and that onto voice announcements.

Also, I just asked Alexa the status of my Shoe Closet Door and she gave me the temperature!

Another thing that was missing.

Yeah same here…

Ask her, Alexa, is the Show Closet Door open?


That did it.

I also asked, “Alexa, what’s the temperature of the Shoe Closet Door” and she responded correctly.

Also noted that the actual contact is Bedroom Shoe Closet Door…However, I didn’t need to put Bedroom in the phrase.

I’m glad I chose this naming method. Did I say how HUGE this is?!?!


Wow, Alexa is kicking some butts today. This update is huge, but really seems rushed. It’s definitely rough. I wonder if they heard that Google was preparing a similar launch and they rushed it through to be the first…

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Working pretty darn good on my end!

Also, Alexa is now a bridge between WiFi devices supported by Alexa and SmartThings!!!

Yep, you can now use those cheap WiFi devices and use SmartThings to trigger them through Alexa.

Ishh just got real Google…


Don’t know if this is old or not but I just made a routine that if motion (could have been a switch before?) is detected, then play a song from Amazon Music!

If this has been here before then I didn’t know about it. I think I knew that you could set up an alarm but not invoke a song from a Switch in SmartThings.

It’s like freaking Christmas!!!


Yeah, we’ve been discussing that in the other thread about the sensors…

In all fairness, hats off to SmartThings team for updating their skill on the launch day! Great job guys… @vlad


Yes, this definitely needs to happen to be truly useful. It would be nice to have some conditionals. I only have a few things that I want to happen every time something is triggered.

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Especially things like the doors opening… I may only want those during certain modes…

But, it’s a good start. Running SmartThings, which is talking to my OpenHab server, along with the Native Alexa Routines… I’m pretty much unlimited on what I can do with my system.

I can play the routine from the alexa app and it speaks. It will not work when door opens or motion on sensor. What am I doing wrong?? Help…

I’m Missing out on all the fun!!

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I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong… you’re not the only one this happening to. I believe it’s the back end still needing updates in your account, possibly… (just a wild guess)

I was thinking not quite ready for prime time , but I still love it!